Project refocus and reset in 2021 – Career, Hypnotherapy, General Aviation, GTD

Updated: 20210919

This is the GoTo post for current updates of career and various projects in 2021:

CoronaVirus (COVID-19)
COVID is still with us and now as Delta Variant – even more infectious and transmissible. I was double-vaccinated by Feb 2021 (1A Social Worker) and will likely receive a Moderna booster shot at some point.

Career/Income Status
As of September 2021, I’ve been given additional hours (thru year end) with People’s Self-Help Housing (my MSW internship) as a paid contract social worker (advocacy, case management), which is very exciting. I’m also looking forward to my ASW (Associate Social Worker) number to be processed, so I can claim hours towards LCSW. 9/7/21 the ASW check was cleared, so now it’s about 30 days to go – around first week of August, I think. Starting prep for Law and Ethics study and exam.

While I still have interest in supporting people experiencing stress/anxiety/burnout, an interesting development has my attention. Within the aviation industry, there is heightened awareness of the following intersection – Gender (female); Pilots (Learning to fly as a profession); People of Color. Addressing DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has a vision by 2030 of a United Airlines pilot workforce which includes 50% women/people of color. I have the training and academic degrees to tackle this challenge, with my proven approach of integrating People, Systems, Technology and Life. I’m not exactly sure how I can establish this intersection, so I’ll just introduce myself to everyone.

Learning Spanish
Various approaches to learn Spanish towards fluency:
-Taking an Intermediate Spanish course at Cuesta College
-Skype weekly with a new friend (who’s learning English) in Valencia, Spain

Vocational/Avocational Self Improvement (Hypnotherapy)
Web-Site –
As a Certified Hypnotherapist (with additional training in Therapeutic Imagery, and HeartMath HRV equipment) I offer vocational/avocational self-improvement for clients via internet (Skype/Zoom). Examples are: taking exams; fear of flying/dentist/public speaking; general overwhelm; chronic discomfort. Medical referrals requested for any medical etiology – I am not state-licensed to diagnose, treat or cure. Note: I identify more as a coach vs. therapist. Refer to my FAQ section for more details.

General Aviation
Web-site –
Objective is to earn enough money between primary income (Social Work related) and secondary income (hypnotherapy services) to afford flight training and equipment towards: BFR, EMT, IFR. The common joke in answering how a plane flies is, “With money”.

Productivity Integration – SecondBrain with GTD
I’m using a legacy WordPress site to demonstrate my current implementation of GTD (Getting Things Done) and how Tiago Forte’s SecondBrain can be integrated. This site also includes various apps I’m using, including updates/changes that may affect my future implementation. In reality, this site has morphed more into my blogging about various findings/realizations that I think are an aide towards productivity. As of 20210904 I haven’t dug deep into anything specific (eg Tiago’s work). I’m currently interested in the intersection that Dan Levitin has made between neuroscience and David Allen’s work.

Created my own Podcast – Paul’s Weekly Review
Check it out here.

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