The primary purpose of this blog is a means to gather my Projects & Actions into one location, for ease of management and reference.

I have a wide variety of interests and look forward to sharing my learning and experience.   Feel free to add comments where appropriate – I will post your comment if it adds value to the conversation.

Good possibility that the web-site will look weird and kludgey — that’s because I’m learning how to make it pretty and functional. Many things to tinker with and wittle away at — that’s a great context — @Wittle

The foundation of my Personal Productivity efforts comes from a systematic approach called GTD (Getting Things Done) — created by David Allen (http://www.davidco.com).

I’m not a GTD Coach, so:

1. If you’re unfamiliar with GTD Systematic Approach, buy the book (“Getting Things Done”) from (http://www.davidco.com).

2. If you’re looking for GTD Coaching, call their Headquarters at (805) 646-8432