Project refocus and reset in 2022 – Career (Social Work); Hypnotherapy, General Aviation, GTD

Updated: 20211227

This is the GoTo post for current updates of career and various projects in 2022:

CoronaVirus (COVID-19)
COVID is still with us and now as Omicron Variant. Got the Moderna booster in November, 2021.

Career/Income Status
-Waiting results on background check with a tentative-offer – more details to come.
-Working through Law and Ethics for ASW
-Got the ASW Certificate and banked hours while at PSHHC.

Vocational/Avocational Self Improvement (Hypnotherapy)
Web-Site –
As a Certified Hypnotherapist (with additional training in Therapeutic Imagery, and HeartMath HRV equipment) I offer vocational/avocational self-improvement for clients via internet (Skype/Zoom). Areas of Focus: taking exams; fear of flying/dentist/public speaking; general overwhelm; chronic discomfort. Medical referrals requested for any medical etiology – I am not state-licensed to diagnose, treat or cure. Note: I identify more as a coach vs. therapist. Refer to my FAQ section for more details.

While I still have a hypnotherapy interest in supporting people experiencing stress/anxiety/burnout, an interesting development has my attention. Within the aviation industry, there is heightened awareness of the following intersection – Gender (female); Pilots (Learning to fly as a profession); People of Color. Addressing DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has a vision by 2030 of a United Airlines pilot workforce which includes 50% women/people of color. I have the training and academic degrees to tackle this challenge, with my proven approach of integrating People, Systems, Technology and Life. I’m not exactly sure how I can establish this intersection, so I’ll just introduce myself to everyone.

General Aviation
Web-site –
Objective is to earn enough money between primary income (Social Work related) and secondary income (hypnotherapy services) to afford flight training and equipment towards: BFR, EMT, IFR. The common joke in answering how a plane flies is, “With money”.

Initial goal is to get back into the ground school review, needed for BFR. I have all the content for that, and have an iMac that I could use with X-Plane to simulate.

Productivity Integration – SecondBrain with GTD
-20211227 – Re-reading Making it All Work by David Allen
-I’m using a legacy WordPress site to demonstrate my current implementation of GTD (Getting Things Done) and how Tiago Forte’s SecondBrain can be integrated. This site also includes various apps I’m using, including updates/changes that may affect my future implementation. In reality, this site has morphed more into my blogging about various findings/realizations that I think are an aide towards productivity. As of 20210904 I haven’t dug deep into anything specific (eg Tiago’s work).

Renegotiated Projects
-The PodCast isn’t giving a return of investment worth the effort, so holding off on that for now. here.

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Aphids – mitigation

How to get rid of aphids naturally

2022 Project: Growing two plants from RocketFlower box I got from $Tree store

Issue: In 2021, I noticed aphids, and want to improve things this year

Intervention: There are chemical over-the-counter products and also DIY natural methods.

<20220227 PENDING> — Wait until plants are outside. Seedlings right now.

Suggestion from article:
Soap and water:

Make a homemade aphid spray by mixing a few tablespoons of a pure liquid soap (such as castile) in a small bucket of water. (Avoid using detergents or products with degreasers or moisturizers.) Apply with a spray bottle directly on aphids and the affected parts of the plant, making sure to soak the undersides of leaves where eggs and larvae like to hide. The soap dissolves the protective outer layer of aphids and other soft-bodied insects, eventually killing them. It doesn’t harm birds or hard-bodied beneficial insects like lacewings, ladybugs or pollinating bees. You can also purchase ready-to-use insecticidal soaps online or at a local nursery.

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System checks (Linux) and resource ref

For learning MySQL, and specifically Maria, I’m referring to O’Reilly’s “Learning MySQL and MariaDB” by Russell J.T. Dyer. This reference appears to have some core folk who were at the beginnings of both developments.

With new systems, it’s always fun to “hack” around with various commands (which don’t change anything) to inspect the system and learn more about the system/infrastructure. I don’t know where the IONOS systems are housed or what the underlying hardware is, but that’s OK.

Referencing this site for the following:

uname -srm (what version of Linux kernel is running)
Linux 4.4.284-icpu-077 x86_64 (Looks like Linux ver 4.4.284 running on a 64-bit x86 box)
Note: This could also be a Virtual Machine, so who really knows.

cat /etc/os-release (Finding out the Linux distribution)
Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

Forums have always been a great resource for learning and helping others:

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Confirming version of MariaDB Database

Now that I have access to MariaDB (Hosted by IONOS), I want to confirm which version is running.

After logging in
-After logging in, it answers this with:
Server version: 10.5.12-MariaDB-1:10.5.12+maria~buster-log binary distribution
-Of course, that means I have version 10.5.12 running as of 20220117

How to check the version at any time?:
-That responded with:
| version() |
| 10.5.12-MariaDB-1:10.5.12+maria~buster-log |
1 row in set (0.000 sec)

How to cross check versioning with the MariaDB org?
-Aside from going directly to the MariaDB or, I also check this site
-10.5 was released 3 December 2019; has status of “Old stable (GA); with an end-of life of Jun 2025.
-According to this site, version 10.7 came out 17 Sep 2021 and has current version 10.7.1.
-According to — Latest MariaDB releases 10.8.0 (Alpha), 10.7.1 (RC), 10.6.5, 10.5.13, 10.4.22, 10.3.32, 10.2.41
-Bottom-line… IONOS is a bit out-of-date, but the end of life is in a couple years, so I’m sure it will be upgraded at some point. Good enough for now.

The Server is a running program called: mysqld (d stands for daemon)
The Client is a key program for basic MySQL Client: mysql

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