Transitioning from disposable razors to safety razors

After many years using disposable razors (Gillette Sensor3, and inexpensive shaving cream/gel), I’m transitioning to safety razors. This change required some research, learning and understanding.

Current habits and preferences:
-Gillette Sensor3. Having three blades (with swivel) was adequate. Handle was curved at end, making good pinkie finger contact for balance and dynamic pressure.
Note: Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this in the store lately, for some reason.
-Shaving gel is the basic and cheap stuff.
-Beard growth is light, so razor lasted 2 months or so.

What was the shift of awareness?:
-Concerned when reading about disposable razors in landfills or ocean.
-Randomly passing by Van der Hagen products in local pharmacy.

Why Van der Hagen?:
-Well, the local pharmacy’s inventory was really low, so spent some time on the company website.
-Was impressed with how they laid everything out, with a variety of paths and decision points.

Associative thoughts coming to mind:
Note: Looks like this is turning into an FAQ list
-What would it be like to use their Shave Butter with the current razor?
-When to shave (at night or in morning after gym)?
-How does blade make contact, if it’s only one blade, and not three?
-How I adjust for it not auto-swiveling to face contour?
-Can you adjust the amount of blade contacting skin?
-I’m used to multiple swipes. Is there a difference with the kind of contact pressure?
-What is pre-shave and post-shave? I was lucky if I used adequate during-shave…
-How long does a blade last?
-How do you keep track of which side of the blade you’re using, as there’s two?
-How do you keep the razor and the blade clean?
-What’s the difference between using the soap in the bowl with the brush applicator over shave butter?
-The 110mm long razor – is that balanced like the Gillette Sensor3 was, with the pinkie placed well?
-When, and if, should I consider a straight razor?

Which decision points did I make for initial purchase?:
-Picked up some Shave Butter at local grocery store, as it was on sale for $2 off.
-Trying out Shave Butter first with Gillette Sensor3.
Note: I ordered following online from Van der Hagen store:
-Starting off with the adjustable razor, so I can start with minimum blade exposure.
-Getting the Shave Oil, as that could be helpful as foundation, prior to applying Shave Butter.
-Getting the Post-Shave, to see how it works.
-Adding the 110mm razor (long handle), to try it out, and eventually transition from the adjustable razor.
-Got the 50 pak of razors, as I’m thinking that may last a year, and better economy of sale.
NOTE: I then realized each razor comes with 5 included blades.
-Holding off (for now) on the traditional soap in bowl, with the hair brush applicator.
NOTE: I noticed that was selling up the street at a Big Box Store. In general, their products are locally available, but inventory maybe a factor.

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Bonsai 2.0

I’m trying Bonsai again. Got Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) seeds.

Timeline Summary and Action Tracker (Newest to Oldest):

20230527 – Soaked a paper towel and placed in zip-loc bag and placed 6 seeds on top; put in fridge; wait 3 weeks
20230527 – Discarded seeds that remained floating on top. 6 Seeds to now work with.
20230526 – Soak seeds in lukewarm water and wait 24 hours

Steps for Cold Stratification:

Soak the seeds in a container of water for 24 hours.
Seeds that sink to the bottom are the ripest, whereas floating seeds are usually empty shells that will not germinate.
Remove these seeds.
Place the good seeds on a damp paper towel.
Seal the paper towel and seeds into a clear plastic bag.
Place the bag in the refrigerator for 7 days to cold stratify.
Remove the seeds from the fridge and plant.

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Aphids – mitigation

How to get rid of aphids naturally

2022 Project: Growing two plants from RocketFlower box I got from $Tree store

Issue: In 2021, I noticed aphids, and want to improve things this year

Intervention: There are chemical over-the-counter products and also DIY natural methods.

<20220227 PENDING> — Wait until plants are outside. Seedlings right now.

Suggestion from article:
Soap and water:

Make a homemade aphid spray by mixing a few tablespoons of a pure liquid soap (such as castile) in a small bucket of water. (Avoid using detergents or products with degreasers or moisturizers.) Apply with a spray bottle directly on aphids and the affected parts of the plant, making sure to soak the undersides of leaves where eggs and larvae like to hide. The soap dissolves the protective outer layer of aphids and other soft-bodied insects, eventually killing them. It doesn’t harm birds or hard-bodied beneficial insects like lacewings, ladybugs or pollinating bees. You can also purchase ready-to-use insecticidal soaps online or at a local nursery.

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