Project refocus and reset in 2021 – Career, SideHustle, Aviation

This is the GoTo post for a major refocus and reset in 2021:

Status 20210511 – Many updates since May 2021. CoronaVirus (COVID-19) is still a primary conversation with half the country vaccinated with one dose; I’ve been double-vaccinated because of 1A Social Worker. Possibility of a Moderna booster in Fall 2021.

Career/Income Status
Successfully completed a part-time engagement with Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (my MSW internship) as a paid contract social worker (advocacy, case management) – working 100% remote, fully engaged getting clients vaccinated; great opportunity for micro, mezzo and macro social work practice; had my suggestions accepted to County Public Health for enhancements to website scheduling.

While I still have interest in supporting people experiencing stress/anxiety/burnout, an interesting development has my attention. Within the aviation industry, there is heightened awareness of the following intersection – Gender (female); Pilots (Learning to fly as a profession); People of Color. Addressing DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has a vision by 2030 of a United Airlines pilot workforce which includes 50% women/people of color. I have the training and academic degrees to tackle this challenge, with my proven approach of integrating People, Systems, Technology and Life.

Side-Hustle (Hypnotherapy)
Web-Site –
Being a Certified Hypnotherapist, with additional training in Therapeutic Imagery, and HeartMath HRV equipment, I offer vocational/avocational self-improvement for clients. Examples are: passing bar exam; fear of flying; fear of dentist; general stress/anxiety. Any medical etiology can be covered by requesting a medical referral.

General Aviation
Web-site –
Objective is to earn enough money between primary income (and side-hustle income) to afford flight training and equipment towards: BFR, EMT, IFR.

Productivity Integration – SecondBrain with GTD
I’m using a legacy WordPress site to demonstrate my current implementation of GTD (Getting Things Done) and how Tiago Forte’s SecondBrain can be integrated. This site also includes various apps I’m using, including updates/changes that may affect my future implementation.

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XCTC – Day Eleven (Sun) – navigation-on-the-go; Kit Fox; Sniper; lotion

Navigation on the Go
-I’m getting pretty good at using the “Tactical Nav” app for navigation while on the go. A MGRS coordinate is relayed via radio and I plug in the numbers. I then look to see if there are any named roads to use, and then it’s about looking at the satellite picture for “off road” trails. Really good that I paid for the 1-month subscription for offline maps, as this would not have been feasible otherwise. To save iPhone battery, I’m also consistently going into airplane mode – so I’m definitely off the grid. I’ve been creating waypoints and naming them, which has worked overall, but I’m forgetting to save them – so I lose them if I quit out of the app. I just need to remember to save them after creating. The method I’m using is the date and the number — eg for today (6/13 – I entered this: 16 – 1 (16th day and first position). This number links to my small paper notebook that I’m initially writing the MGRS codes in.

Kit Fox (and other animals)
-Saw a mother Kit Fox with a small animal (kill) in her mouth. There were several (5+ cubs) that were playing and then going up the hill with her. Pretty cool to see all that.
-Saw an Hawk (not sure which kind) with what looked a squirrel in the talons. Had to wait for the Hawk to take off before we could drive further.
-Saw what we thought was a cobra snake – was just a piece of wood, but fun to consider.
-Found a really nice set of antlers – one of our team scored this

-One of our team asked the Snipers if we could photograph the rifle. He graciously said we could hold it while taking the photo.

-Using SPF30 (basic Albertsons Suntan Lotion). Getting good at applying liberally once at home, and then a couple times throughout the day. It’s definitely working as I don’t feel burned. We’re also out in the full sun.

-Need to create a checklist (for when leaving home) — I forgot the Electrolyte stuff I bought yesterday.

-Meeting some interesting National Guard soldiers on our various routes. They all come from a varied background – VA Admin; IT; etc.

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XCTC – Day Ten (Sat) – navigation; sun; food; soldiers

Was given an MGRS code and was able to plug-in to my Tactical Nav app, plot a course, and then get us there precisely. This was also off-the-grid — I was in airplane mode, to save battery.

I’m not used to being outdoors in the sun all day. Sucking down some serious amount of water. Need to add in an electrolyte replenishment drink. Also, putting on SPF30 sunscreen at home in the morning, when I can pay attention – by looking in the mirror – was a game-changer (positively).

Standard pack lunch. Additional food was from one of the NG units. Scrambled egg, 2 sausages, not sure what it was but it included potatoes, cornbread (I think) square. It all tasted fine, but I knew there was a good dose of sodium in it. One of the soldiers gave me a ton of detail on soldier nutrition, sodium, etc.

Engaging with them to resolve any issues; change batteries; chat with some of them — IT professionals, etc.

All-in-All, it was a good day.

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XCTC – Day Nine (Fri)

Pretty busy day today. Went to the BSB location and worked with soldiers and vehicles to swap out FREDI batteries. Some batteries are tight, but it’s coming along now.

Freakin’ fell of a large truck — didn’t realize how big the tires are. Tomorrow, I’m bringing my 3 step wooden ladder.

Started using Tactical Nav app, including the offline mapping mode — which required a 1 month subscription. Definitely paid off, because I had the detail I needed, could see the live navigation by truck, and was able to enter a specific waypoint for an entrance to a site that required a secure entrance.

Need to apply suntan lotion at home before I head out. Slight sunburn, but OK.

Need my own tools (snips). Will create a small go-bag for myself – snips, zip-ties, small batteries, place for used and new FREDI batteries — probably will all fit fine in my little hip-bag that I had used for geocaching.

End of day was cool as we saw the Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters doing aerial maneuevers. We went over to say hello, and the pilot was cool – explained everything to us; got to sit in the cockpit; he explained the fuel system and various other systems. He is, aside from National Guard, a Private Pilot ASEL – like me.

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Tactical Nav app – how to use for navigation

Need: For the Camp Roberts XCTC National Guard Training mission, I will be given MGRS coordinates by the Range Ops via radio to locate troops for things like battery replenishment.
Equipment: Aside from other tools I will be given, I also have my iPhone (Xr with version 14.4) and a recently downloaded app I found called “Tactical Nav” by Capt. Jonathan J. Springer, US Army. Objective: I’m finding “minimal” documentation for this app so my objective is to figure out how to actually navigate to a MGRS entry from my current location.
Summary of Pending Action Items:
-Resolved: Saved waypoints are not preserved after quitting app
-Tactical Drawing Mode (Add-in) not loading
-Creating a route (via truck) between current location and a saved waypoint
-How to edit an existing waypoint name for a Troop Unit’s new MGRS location
-Pending instructions towards Resolved – Decision to purchase subscription add-on for offline mode – need to test cell coverage

Detail of Action Items:

-Offline Mapping:
Objective of offline mapping is that I can be in airplane mode (be off the cellular grid) and still have full access to a map — all layers. I tried this today and was able to see details on map while having cellular service turned off. This also saved battery, which is good.

My concern is the end-to-end flow of saving an offline map. I’m unclear of the actual process. I understand that the ideal place to download an offline map is when you’re at a high-speed internet location. My confusion is the method – I zoom into the highest level of the map that captures the perimeter of what I’m looking for; I save this as an offline map and name it. But… How do I know that I’ve also captured all the details down to the lowest level of granularity within the map?

REFERENCE (and additional info)

Quick test:

-I’m at home
-The MGRS for Camp Roberts is 10S GE 00047 61807
-Click the button for “Go to Grid”; MGRS; Entered the MGRS Code; Clicked Navigate. I get the compass rose.
Q: Now what? How do I now which road to get there? If I’m on the base, what’s the next step with this app?
A: At first, I was thinking that when you click “Navigate” it was going to be like GoogleMaps which overlays the map and gives point-to-point direction – based on marked/unmarked roads. In my case, I will be on an Army base in a truck. I’m now seeing that this app, when you click Navigate, is more designed for being on foot. If you’re in a car/truck, then you would just locate the MGRS waypoint and then drive towards it – you will see a green dot on the map, and figure out the best route.
Q: Do I need to spend an additional $5.99 for the “Tactical Drawing Mode” feature. If that’s the case – fine – but how do I know this? With the core app, is the only feature the compass rose after entering MGRS code? Does the Tactical Drawing Mode feature give me what I’m actually looking for – ability to enter a MGRS Coordinate and then know which roads to actually take, based on recent satellite imagery and possible names of roads?
A: I purchased the add-on. I was originally thinking that this would give me the point-to-point directions, but it’s more about making lines on the map, as an overlay. This could be useful for marking up suggested routes that I’m given from point A to B. I can also see it useful for marking a road/bridge that is not accessible.

Labeling stuff on Map
-I entered the Camp Roberts MGRS coordinate and just named it “Camp Roberts” and associated a basic pin. I then centered back to home. Then I entered “Go to Grid” and went back to Camp Roberts, and the named pin is still there. Even though I’m basically in the middle of the camp, at least it’s preserving the labeled name.
-Entered another “bogus” MGRS close to the Camp Roberts one I just entered. 10S GE 00090 61890 (Note: I’m making this up). At the new MGRS I just labeled it with something generic and “Unit 3”.
-Now I can click on the new MGRS “Anti-Armor3…” and there is an option for “Nav”.
-Now I’m back being given the compass rose…
-I still have the objective of figuring out, by roads, in a truck, with supplies, to get from one location to another.
A: This is more designed for navigating on foot, but can be used in map-mode by car.

Modifying a labeled unit’s name MGRS Location
Q: If I labeled a unit with their location, and then the next day they are somewhere else (which is likely) how do I update (Edit/modify) the MGRS for the label name (which is the actual unit name/number?).
A: Pending an answer from Jon Springer.

Response from Capt. Springer, which I’m really impressed with communication turnaround, considering he’s currently overseas:
-Bottom line, to navigate to the point that you have plotted, for instance, it’s as easy as clicking on the waypoint you’ve marked and then clicking the “NAV” button on the waypoint popup. The compass will immediately be displayed to show you where you need to navigate to (your selected waypoint or target). The blue arrow indicates your destination’s location, and other pertinent information is displayed below as well.
-My observation so far: Good to know I’ve been doing the correct thing by creating waypoints. Still need to know if I can maintain a waypoint name (name of a troop’s unit, for example) and update their current MGRS coordinate. The compass rose is great, but my movement towards troops will be in a truck (with supplies). I need to be seeing a map between current location and waypoint, so I can tell which road/trail to take. Also, there was some intel at the NOC yesterday that what looks like a bridge on the map has actually been washed out and is not navigable — therefore I’ll update that waypoint with a red-flag.
-Current thought: I’m thinking I need the add-on “Tactical Drawing Mode” for $5.99. The byline says, “You can create tactical overlays, draw up training scenarios, plan routes for operations, conduct after action reviews (AARs) and much more”. Based on the wording of this add-on, and knowing what I currently know about the core app, I’m taking the intuitive leap that this is the add-on I need.
-At this point, not sure if I need the add-on feature of being offline. I’ve been told that some parts of Camp Roberts has flaky cellphone coverage. If that’s true, then the app may not function as desired – we’ll see. If that happens, then I’ll get the 1 month subscription for being offline.

Purchasing and downloading the add-on “Tactical Drawing Mode”
-“Tactical overlays” — that looks like what I need. I need the navigation to be overlayed over an existing map, which is that actual satellite (Hybrid) imagery of roads, trees, names of roads, etc. It’s actually really good that I can see images of trees, as that’s likely where troops could be under to avoid the sun.
“Plan routes for operations”
-OK — on to the download…

Tactical Drawing Mode add-on
-Very easy to purchase, download and install
-Didn’t really see my next step, so I quit out of app and back in again
-Noticed that my two waypoints – Camp Roberts and the bogus MGRS waypoint were gone
-Note: For me, not a big deal, but what if I had a bunch of actual waypoints and then purchased the add-on…
-Plugged in the above MGRS coordinates for Camp Roberts and bogus waypoint
-I also quit out of app and went back in again; checked the waypoints I entered, and they are both not there.
-Within Settings, I also updated Tactical Nav to use:
–Location – while using
–Camera – turned on
–Document storage – changed to “On my iPhone” from “iCloud Drive”. Note: This is an example of documentation I was referring to above — if I hadn’t checked this, and left it on iCloud Storage, then I’m thinking I could have run into a lot of issues considering flaky wireless coverage.
BUG WITHIN the add-on – when I enter and save waypoints, and then quit out of app, all the waypoints are lost when I come back in again to the app
-RESOLVED (for the waypoints) – within the blank folder icon; click on white folder icon; choose a saved name for folder (from prior) – in my case I called it XCTC; the saved waypoints then come back. OK. That’s resolved.

Wondering why I’m not seeing additional features of the add-in within core app
-Opened the iTunes app, and I’m seeing the add-in as “Pending”. Maybe that’s why
-Note: This may not be an actual issue, but I’m not seeing anything specifically within the Core App that’s about features of the newly purchased add-in

Test from Home
-Creating a waypoint called “Home”, based on current location
-Note: Reason I’m testing from home, is because maybe you cannot plan ahead with mapping out a route from a two prior saved waypoints. That’s odd, though.
-Created a bogus waypoint as a test
-I’m back to the compass rose again. My objective is to navigate based on an overlay with a map.

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