Project refocus and reset in 2021 – Career, SideHustle, Aviation

This is the GoTo post for a major refocus and reset in 2021:

Status 20210511 – Many updates since May 2021. CoronaVirus (COVID-19) is still a primary conversation with half the country vaccinated with one dose; I’ve been double-vaccinated because of 1A Social Worker. Possibility of a Moderna booster in Fall 2021.

Career/Income Status
Successfully completed a part-time engagement with Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (my MSW internship) as a paid contract social worker (advocacy, case management) – working 100% remote, and fully engaged getting clients vaccinated; great opportunity for micro, mezzo and macro social work practice.

While I still have interest in supporting people experiencing stress/anxiety/burnout, an interesting development has my attention. Within the aviation industry, there is heightened awareness of the following intersection – Gender (female); Pilots; People of Color. Addressing DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has a vision by 2030 of a United Airlines pilot workforce which includes 50% women/people of color. I have the training and academic degrees to tackle this challenge, with my proven approach of integrating People, Systems, Technology and Life.

Side-Hustle (Hypnotherapy)
Web-Site –
Being a Certified Hypnotherapist, with additional training in Therapeutic Imagery, and HeartMath HRV equipment, I offer vocational/avocational self-improvement for clients. Examples are: passing bar exam; fear of flying; fear of dentist; general stress/anxiety. Any medical etiology can be covered by requesting a medical referral.

General Aviation
Web-site –
Objective is to earn enough money between primary income (and side-hustle income) to afford flight training and equipment towards: BFR, EMT, IFR.

Productivity Integration – SecondBrain with GTD
I’m using a legacy WordPress site to demonstrate my current implementation of GTD (Getting Things Done) and how Tiago Forte’s SecondBrain can be integrated. This site also includes various apps I’m using, including updates/changes that may affect my future implementation.

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Growing peppers from seed

20210404 – So far so good. Seeds were planted in a small trainer pot. Stuff is sprouting up. Initially, just used a mister. Now I’m giving more water, until I see some appear on dish below. Nearly ready to transplant to a bigger pot and move outside. Most likely will hand-pick off the smaller shoots. Lessons learned from the Roma tomato plant transplant is to not pull the various shoots/roots apart – just transplant everything in place. See what happens.
20210405 – Decided to transplant – basically move in place – from trainer pot to a larger pot. So far so good. Still keeping plant indoors for now. Relatively cold outside.

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Charles Duhigg; Power of Habit; Keystone Habits; GTD

I remember years ago, when at DavidCo, Charles Duhigg came out with a book called, “Power of Habit”. I had skimmed through the book, but can’t say I did a deep dive. Now I’m interested to take a closer look.

Just watched him chat with David Allen at the GTD Summit (2019, Amsterdam) where he brings up habits, as it relates to GTD.

David then keyed on Keystone Habits, which was covered in the book. My basic understanding is the keystone habits are habits, if executed consistently, can yield several benefits. I’m sure it’s actually more concise than that.

The two keystone habits that David says he consistently uses are: Inbox Zero and the Weekly Review.

I’m really good at working my email Inboxes (several) to zero, but have had challenges with my physical Inbox. I challenged myself to pull everything out and see what’s in there. Now I have a couple small projects which are basically to file invoices and receipts. The benefit was that I found a bunch of stuff that I had “lost”.

The interesting observation, now that I have a clear Inbox/InTray is a sense of release/calm. I now know that if I place anything in there, it will be easily seen and taken care of.

Weekly Review. Well, that’s one area that I have completely fallen off the wagon. I do have my Weekly Review Checklist, and I’ve captured all the various pieces of paper around my desk. Now it’s just a matter of going through the process of asking, “What is this”, “What’s the Next Action”, etc.

For me, the initial task is to consistently address the Weekly Review. It may take a couple weeks or a month to completely be clear and current, and that’s OK. I’ve observed myself not start something, because I couldn’t see the end in site with a speedy turnaround – that’s not realistic.

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Growing Tomatoes from seed

Lessons Learned about growing tomatoes (Roma) from seed

-Starter Pot; location; seeds (# per growing pot)

-Initial watering method; frequency

-Additional watering methods after 3″ growth

-Separating the Alpha plant from the others and transplanting

-Plastic things sticks; plant trainer

-Pot: Size; How many plants in one pot?

-Watering quantity and frequency – now it’s one pot


How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots

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Aging Roku Hardware impacting Roku app and Netflix updates

-Roku Hardware (before Digital TV, with the S-Video cables, etc) to back of TV
-Roku App (with interface on TV) talking to Roku Device with integration to Netflix
-Netflix (company actually providing access to movies and user-interface features)

Lessons Learned from past:
-I’ve seen in the past where problems can occur when you have aging hardware that becomes out of synch with higher level applications. I’ve also seen where a lack of a BIOS update compromises the connection between the OS and the underlying hardware.

Symptoms within user interface of Netflix:
-A new feature recently displayed with a red “N” on various movies/shows. This signifies that it’s a Netflix production. Basically, it’s marketing by Netflix to highlight their stuff.
-The user could not “add” a movie to MyList
-The user could not “remove” a movie from MyList

The version of Roku app is:
-3.x (XXXX)
-Note: The Roku app is getting its versioning based on the Roku hardware

The version of Roku, from Netflix Corporation perspective is now:
-Version 4.x

Q: Do you upgrade the hardware?
-The issue is the Roku site looked like it didn’t have a newer version of the hardware with the old-school S-Video cables to back of a pre-digital TV. Basically, if I wanted to completely resolve all the user-interface issues within NetFlix (adding/removing to MyList) I would need to upgrade to a digital TV and also get new Roku Hardware

Q: How do I stop-gap the problem without purchasing hardware?
Note: I noticed that within the web-browser on my laptop, I was able to log-in to NetFlix and manually remove the movie from MyList
-Download the NetFlix app onto iPhone. This renders a smaller screen on iPhone, with same layout as on TV, and allows to navigate thru and add/remove. Issue is the screen size
-Download the NetFlix app onto Android. I have a Samsung Tablet with (I think) a 10″ screen. This is an effective interface for navigating and adding/removing

Summary: Because Netflix effectively made my hardware obsolete, while preserving most user-interface features, I’ve needed to come up with a stop-gap (Android Tablet) to supplement the TV user-interface.

20210401 UPDATE: This is weird… Now everything works – can add and remove from list. This is typical – call into tech support with an issue and it magically resolves a couple days later.

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