Transitioning from disposable razors to safety razors

After many years using disposable razors (Gillette Sensor3, and inexpensive shaving cream/gel), I’m transitioning to safety razors. This change required some research, learning and understanding.

Current habits and preferences:
-Gillette Sensor3. Having three blades (with swivel) was adequate. Handle was curved at end, making good pinkie finger contact for balance and dynamic pressure.
Note: Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this in the store lately, for some reason.
-Shaving gel is the basic and cheap stuff.
-Beard growth is light, so razor lasted 2 months or so.

What was the shift of awareness?:
-Concerned when reading about disposable razors in landfills or ocean.
-Randomly passing by Van der Hagen products in local pharmacy.

Why Van der Hagen?:
-Well, the local pharmacy’s inventory was really low, so spent some time on the company website.
-Was impressed with how they laid everything out, with a variety of paths and decision points.

Associative thoughts coming to mind:
Note: Looks like this is turning into an FAQ list
-What would it be like to use their Shave Butter with the current razor?
-When to shave (at night or in morning after gym)?
-How does blade make contact, if it’s only one blade, and not three?
-How I adjust for it not auto-swiveling to face contour?
-Can you adjust the amount of blade contacting skin?
-I’m used to multiple swipes. Is there a difference with the kind of contact pressure?
-What is pre-shave and post-shave? I was lucky if I used adequate during-shave…
-How long does a blade last?
-How do you keep track of which side of the blade you’re using, as there’s two?
-How do you keep the razor and the blade clean?
-What’s the difference between using the soap in the bowl with the brush applicator over shave butter?
-The 110mm long razor – is that balanced like the Gillette Sensor3 was, with the pinkie placed well?
-When, and if, should I consider a straight razor?

Which decision points did I make for initial purchase?:
-Picked up some Shave Butter at local grocery store, as it was on sale for $2 off.
-Trying out Shave Butter first with Gillette Sensor3.
Note: I ordered following online from Van der Hagen store:
-Starting off with the adjustable razor, so I can start with minimum blade exposure.
-Getting the Shave Oil, as that could be helpful as foundation, prior to applying Shave Butter.
-Getting the Post-Shave, to see how it works.
-Adding the 110mm razor (long handle), to try it out, and eventually transition from the adjustable razor.
-Got the 50 pak of razors, as I’m thinking that may last a year, and better economy of sale.
NOTE: I then realized each razor comes with 5 included blades.
-Holding off (for now) on the traditional soap in bowl, with the hair brush applicator.
NOTE: I noticed that was selling up the street at a Big Box Store. In general, their products are locally available, but inventory maybe a factor.

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