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Growing peppers from seed

20210404 – So far so good. Seeds were planted in a small trainer pot. Stuff is sprouting up. Initially, just used a mister. Now I’m giving more water, until I see some appear on dish below. Nearly ready to transplant … Continue reading

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Charles Duhigg; Power of Habit; Keystone Habits; GTD

I remember years ago, when at DavidCo, Charles Duhigg came out with a book called, “Power of Habit”. I had skimmed through the book, but can’t say I did a deep dive. Now I’m interested to take a closer look. … Continue reading

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Growing Tomatoes from seed

Lessons Learned about growing tomatoes (Roma) from seed -Starter Pot; location; seeds (# per growing pot) -Initial watering method; frequency -Additional watering methods after 3″ growth -Separating the Alpha plant from the others and transplanting -Plastic things sticks; plant trainer … Continue reading

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Aging Roku Hardware impacting Roku app and Netflix updates

Components: -Roku Hardware (before Digital TV, with the S-Video cables, etc) to back of TV -Roku App (with interface on TV) talking to Roku Device with integration to Netflix -Netflix (company actually providing access to movies and user-interface features) Lessons … Continue reading

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