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PHP versions on 1and1 re: WordPress 3.5.1

Went to my web-site ( and received this message — “Your server is running php 4.4.9 but WordPress 3.5.1. requires at least 5.2.4.

Logged into and saw an option to change Global php to either 5.2 or 5.4.

Went to Drupal site and read, “Drupal 7: PHP 5.2.5 or higher (5.3 recommended)–some of the modules require 5.3″.

Even though 5.2 looks as if it would work, I changed to 5.4. Most likely I’ll also be testing out Drupal.

Top of Mind – Mastering HTML

Wow! Where to begin… Lots of things in the pipeline since the last blog post.

Came up with an idea – “Learn HTML”, which spawned a plethora of related ideas and projects that ultimately support that outcome.

Desired Outcome: HTML/XHTML 4.x mastered (precursor before tackling HTML 5.x)
Supporting Tools: GTD; Making it all work; Back of Napkin; Head First HTML; Ubuntu Netbook 12.10 LTS; dev site; Seamonkey; Firefox Browser and add-ons; videos; Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet; WordPress; DocuWiki.

As you can see – a basic idea associatively dragged everything into the pit. Fun stuff.

A part of this blog will demonstrate a progressive outcome of various developments during this Project — “HTML/XHTML 4.x mastered”

Telnet to UbuntuServer

UbuntuServer running locally on same LAN as Windows Laptop
Can ping to server
Cannot telnet to server
Remembered that I had Citadel ( installed — need to uninstall
I’d rather not monkey further with Citadel and just do it over (possibly install Citadel again later) —

Desired Outcomes
-Clean up UbuntuServer of various apps I auto-installed so I can use Putty to telnet in and possibly play with SSH
-Fix why this blog post with the long web-link — see above — bled over into the right-side of the screen
Found this site which explains how to uninstall Citadel –