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Bonsai 2.0

20230526 I’m trying Bonsai again. Got Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) seeds. Timeline Summary and Action Tracker (Newest to Oldest): 20230527 – Soaked a paper towel and placed in zip-loc bag and placed 6 seeds on top; put in fridge; … Continue reading

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Aphids – mitigation

How to get rid of aphids naturally 2022 Project: Growing two plants from RocketFlower box I got from $Tree store Issue: In 2021, I noticed aphids, and want to improve things this year Intervention: There are chemical over-the-counter products and … Continue reading

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System checks (Linux) and resource ref

For learning MySQL, and specifically Maria, I’m referring to O’Reilly’s “Learning MySQL and MariaDB” by Russell J.T. Dyer. This reference appears to have some core folk who were at the beginnings of both developments. With new systems, it’s always fun … Continue reading

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