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Python – what it is and learning about

Appears that this is a good language to learn.

Edgewall uses it as the underlying language that supports Trac.

I believe 1and1 hosts it.

XREF to this article which discusses installing on 1and1:

Trac Installation Project (Action Support)

Desired Outcome
Installation of Trac within my 1and1 Unlimited Account, to keep track of all web-based development projects

Understanding requirements and components needed for installation

-Making an SSH connection into
20150509 is the account I would need to use as it has capability for SSH connections. I followed this instruction set and it worked — I just needed to find the original username and password, which is the same as the original ftp address on the account.

-Installing the system

Following instructions from:
Note: The latest version for Trac is Trac-1.0.5.tar.gz

mkdir install_trac_files (Make a directory)
cd install_trac_files (Go into directory)
wget (Get the install files)
tar xzvf Trac-1.0.5.tar.gz (Unpack)
cd Trac-1.0.5 (Go into Directory)
python install –prefix=$HOME/bin/python (Setup Python — I think…)

Error after the python statement
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 17, in
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
ImportError: No module named setuptools

This is a web-site that assists with Python install —

This site talks about installing Python on 1and1 —

Note: I’m thinking that I need to install Python before running the commands from Chris Jackson

This is info from 1and1 re: Python —

-Configuring the system

Integrating system with other systems, eg wiki

Closing out the project


Ahh… the wonderful world of the web, where you have a random thought like — “I wonder if there is a way of somehow keeping track of all the web-based projects I have (web-site; blog; forums; wikis; surveys, etc…) and be able to manage my relative knowledge and learning of all that.

I went to the site and searched how WordPress manages the open source development.

Looks like they use Trac, which is described as — Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

I suppose I am a Software Developer of sorts…

I went to this site for info and downloads —

Looks like there is a formatting tool within Trac that talks to your wiki (in my case,

Note: This could get interesting, as I believe that my (1and1 unlimited) account is a better platform for installing Trac. I think I have SSH access on that account for lower-level work. I found this web-site which appears to have been successful in this —

Note: I’m going to go slowly with this Trac project, as it could end up being a time-suck. Looks like there is a lot to learn in just getting a web-based project management tool up and running. Here is Trac’s installation guide —

I think first step is to contact 1and1 directly and ask them if they have the minimum requirements within their infrastructure for this.

Wiki creation (MediaWiki) thoughts so far…

Well, it was really easy to create the SQL Database, upload the MediaWiki Software, and configure everything.

Now I have my wiki at

What’s interesting is that the more I ask myself basic questions like, “How do I enter data and structure it?”, the more I realize that there is something else I now need to learn – HTML coding, etc.

Definitely appears to be successful because of the stripped down text form of data, vs heavy graphic downloads, which affect latency.

The lazy part of me is wishing for some user interface that does some of the formatting work for me, but… it’s also a great opportunity to learn some things — HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

My plan is to just continue battling through the natural resistance to learning something new/odd — I’m sure it will all work out and make sense in hindsight.