Querying the database – looking up stuff

Note: This is the part where I might do most of my entries — searching for stuff within the database. Not quite running reports — that’s later. Select (variable name) from (table name) — returns all records For example: Select name, price from products; mysql> select name, price from products; ERROR 1046 (3D000): No database … Continue reading “Querying the database – looking up stuff”

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Create southwind database and table

CREATE DATABASE southwind; /*creates a new database and names it*/ SHOW DATABASES; /*displays all databases*/ USE southwind; /*tells mysql which database you want to work with*/ SELECT DATABASE; /*tells you which database has been selected*/ SHOW TABLES; /*displays any tables that are associated with database*/ mysql> CREATE TABLE products ( -> productID INT UnSIGNED NOT … Continue reading “Create southwind database and table”

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