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XCTC – Day Seventeen (Sat) – Truck; Heat; Headcover; Soldier (PR)

Truck -Lately, I’ve been entrusted to drive the flatbed truck around the base to various locations – either just transporting people, or (today) now transporting things like generators. Interesting, navigating the various improved/unimproved roads. Heat -Today it was around 114 … Continue reading

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Tactical Nav app – how to use for navigation

Need: For the Camp Roberts XCTC National Guard Training mission, I will be given MGRS coordinates by the Range Ops via radio to locate troops for things like battery replenishment. Equipment: Aside from other tools I will be given, I … Continue reading

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WP KnowledgeBase template updates

Completed an automated update for templates.

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Project refocus and reset in 2021 – Career, Hypnotherapy, General Aviation, GTD

Updated: 20210919 This is the GoTo post for current updates of career and various projects in 2021: CoronaVirus (COVID-19) COVID is still with us and now as Delta Variant – even more infectious and transmissible. I was double-vaccinated by Feb … Continue reading

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