XCTC – Day Seventeen (Sat) – Truck; Heat; Headcover; Soldier (PR)

-Lately, I’ve been entrusted to drive the flatbed truck around the base to various locations – either just transporting people, or (today) now transporting things like generators. Interesting, navigating the various improved/unimproved roads.

-Today it was around 114 degrees. For most part, we were not in the shade, as we were not working with soldiers. The XCTC program is well under way, so we’re now breaking down various stations (tents). I’m needing to address being in direct sunlight, as the ballcap and suntan lotion isn’t adequate

Headcover – Shemagh
-Several of the team are wearing what looks like Middle Eastern headcovering. I learned that these are called “Shemagh”. I went to the local PX (Military Store) on the base, and scored one (imported from Pakistan) for $8.95. Now I have to figure out how to wear it, as there are multiple options. Basically, it’s a square piece of material. A member of the team I’ve befriended was wearing one all day, and said that it actually keeps his head not only protected from the sun, but also cool.

-While I was in the PX picking up the Shemagh, I had to wait 45 minutes to get to the checkout because there was a ton of soldiers in line. I chatted the entire time with a sergeant from Puerto Rico that I remember from the field. We chatted across a bunch of topics and it was good to spend time engaging with him.

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