XCTC – Day Eighteen (Sun) – Shemagh; A/C

-This inexpensive headcover is a positive game-changer for being out in the direct sunlight during the day. It was around 114 degrees, direct sunlight today. Even with my basic (made it up) means of putting the headcover over my ball-cap, it worked really well. Head felt cool; wasn’t bothered as much. I still need to put lotion on. There are many styles of this, but they are all basically a square piece of material. The one I got (from the PX Store at Camp Roberts) has this web-site
-The flatbed truck I drove was OK for this AM — taking down a tent and then me driving away a large generator. But… the A/C wasn’t working, so I returned it, and our team (5 people) just piled into one truck.

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