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APIs – configuring Google APIs and troubleshooting

XREF to Evernote: Learn; ITIL – API Scripting. Within this is my placeholder for what my API (Client ID and API Key) are kept. Desired Outcome: -Understanding, configuring, troubleshooting and test APIs -Intro to scripting -Analyze response codes in test … Continue reading

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openEMR installation

Summary: Installation went very smoothly. A couple things here and there (creating/editing php.ini) were not done, but it appears I’m functioning. This will only be for a handful of test records, and will not be an actual live/real system. Looking … Continue reading

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Installing Anaconda 3.7 on Mac – Python Programming

I think I already have installed Python 3.7, but this is a more comprehensive package of various tools. The objective is to learn more about Data Analysis, using this popular programming language. Downloaded the 64-bit Graphical Installer for MacOS – … Continue reading

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Creating an IDE Connection (DBeaver) to UbuntuServer running MySql

Desired Outcome Note: I had run into an issue with making the connection between NetBeans and UbuntuServer (that is running on another laptop and connected to same LAN) because I needed a plugin that would require the full JDK installation … Continue reading

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