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Adding a BlogRoll to WordPress site

I wanted to add a BlogRoll to my site.

Lessons Learned:
From WordPress version 3.5 on, it’s possible that the plugin for Link is not there and needs to be manually installed. See below for installation procedure.

Wasn’t coming to me as quickly as I would have though.

Links Menu (Blogroll)

Goal is to add a place I can reference viewers to for various other sites.

Sites within the County, etc.

I need to find the Links Widget

Dashboard, Appearance, Widgets…

I’m not seeing anything obvious to blogroll here.

I’m now on a wild goose chase here…

Mastering the WordPress Links Manager

This is odd. On my site I see Dashboard, Links. On my site, I don’t see the Links section.

This makes sense now. Looks like WordPress after version 3.5 removed the Links Manager (what I use to create blogrolls). If you had Link Manager with blogrolls prior to 3.5, and did an upgrade, it preserved the plugin. If you didn’t do blogroll, then it’s feasible it’s not built-in, unless you download the plugin.

Looks like the plug-in is called Link Manager – link-manager. Within, Dashboard, plugins, I searched for link-manager

When I did a search for link manager or link-manager, I’m not finding easily the version from WordPress. From this site — you can download the plug-in, and then from within WordPress do the upload/install.

-Downloaded the plug-in
-Within, dashboard, plugins, add plugin
-Search for the .zip file I had downloaded, install, activate, done

Installing Oracle Database 11g Express Edition

Desired Outcome:

Installation of Oracle’s Database, which maybe premature considering I’ve just installed MariaDB. Hopefully, I can have both systems running at the same time. Strategically good to learn Oracle first.

This is the main web-site for information and downloads:

This is the main site for documentation:

This is the readme info for documentation:
Note: Nothing much of importance

This is the Installation Guide for Linux:


Ahh… the wonderful world of the web, where you have a random thought like — “I wonder if there is a way of somehow keeping track of all the web-based projects I have (web-site; blog; forums; wikis; surveys, etc…) and be able to manage my relative knowledge and learning of all that.

I went to the site and searched how WordPress manages the open source development.

Looks like they use Trac, which is described as — Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

I suppose I am a Software Developer of sorts…

I went to this site for info and downloads —

Looks like there is a formatting tool within Trac that talks to your wiki (in my case,

Note: This could get interesting, as I believe that my (1and1 unlimited) account is a better platform for installing Trac. I think I have SSH access on that account for lower-level work. I found this web-site which appears to have been successful in this —

Note: I’m going to go slowly with this Trac project, as it could end up being a time-suck. Looks like there is a lot to learn in just getting a web-based project management tool up and running. Here is Trac’s installation guide —

I think first step is to contact 1and1 directly and ask them if they have the minimum requirements within their infrastructure for this.

Wiki – creating a new page

Took me a while to find the documentation for creating a new page…

Note: It’s a bit odd, but I found I need to go something like this:

Change the last word, which will be the name of the new article, and click “Create”

Was able to create a page (article), but on the home-page, I’m not seeing any links.

Note: This is definitely not simple blog software