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Adding Podcast links in widgets using block method

What’s new! I have created a new podcast (Paul Garth’s Week in Review) using the podcast hosting system. Creating and uploading the audio, and publishing within the podcast portal is really easy to do. The only wrinkle so far … Continue reading

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Limiting WordPress revisions

I’ve noticed that, within one of my blogs, that when I routinely update a page, I now have over 200 revisions. I’m sure this is taking up space somewhere. I only need the last 3 revisions, that I can think … Continue reading

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XCTC – Day Seventeen (Sat) – Truck; Heat; Headcover; Soldier (PR)

Truck -Lately, I’ve been entrusted to drive the flatbed truck around the base to various locations – either just transporting people, or (today) now transporting things like generators. Interesting, navigating the various improved/unimproved roads. Heat -Today it was around 114 … Continue reading

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