Limiting WordPress revisions

I’ve noticed that, within one of my blogs, that when I routinely update a page, I now have over 200 revisions. I’m sure this is taking up space somewhere.

I only need the last 3 revisions, that I can think of for right now.

Here’s info from WordPress on this.

Looks like I have to edit the wp-config.php and place:

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 ); — this will keep it to the last three revisions.

Question: After updating this in wp-config.php, does it automatically remove all those prior revisions?
Answer: No. You have to either run a SQL command or install a plugin like WP Optimize

I also found this reference, that may be about how to clean up prior posts. I’m also not positive if all this is about posts and pages.

Resolution: I downloaded a plugin called WP Optimize. It does more than I need, but I deleted (one click) about 749 old revisions of posts.

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