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Bonsai 2.0

20230526 I’m trying Bonsai again. Got Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) seeds. Timeline Summary and Action Tracker (Newest to Oldest): 20230527 – Soaked a paper towel and placed in zip-loc bag and placed 6 seeds on top; put in fridge; … Continue reading

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Aphids – mitigation

How to get rid of aphids naturally 2022 Project: Growing two plants from RocketFlower box I got from $Tree store Issue: In 2021, I noticed aphids, and want to improve things this year Intervention: There are chemical over-the-counter products and … Continue reading

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Growing peppers from seed

20210404 – So far so good. Seeds were planted in a small trainer pot. Stuff is sprouting up. Initially, just used a mister. Now I’m giving more water, until I see some appear on dish below. Nearly ready to transplant … Continue reading

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