Project refocus and reset in 2020 – Career, SideHustle, GA

This will be the GoTo post for a major refocus and reset in 2020:

Status 20200809 – CoronaVirus (COVID-19) is having a major negative impact on health and economy. First responders (Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, etc) are experiencing stress/anxiety/burnout.

Career/Income Status
Long-term IT consulting work at DavidCo is now sun-setting. Needing to pivot to a new path, and be of help/service to current worldwide pandemic. Needing to find new source of income, now.

Addressing first responder burnout with intervention and my niche
Web-Site –
Master in Social Work degree enables me to: register with BBS; take the Ethics Exam; and receive an ASW certification. Then, working under LCSW supervision, providing behavioral health services to clients/patients while building hours towards LCSW. Niche intervention is hypnotherapy.

Side-Hustle (Hypnotherapy)
Web-Site –
Being a Certified Hypnotherapist, with additional training in Therapeutic Imagery, and Heartmath HRV equipment, I can offer vocational/avocational self-improvement for clients. Examples are: passing bar exam; fear of flying; fear of dentist; general stress/anxiety. Any medical etiology can be covered by requesting a medical referral.

General Aviation
Web-site –
Objective is to earn enough money between new primary income of clinical social work, and side-hustle income, to afford flight training and supplies towards: BFR, EMT, IFR.

Productivity Integration – SecondBrain with GTD
I’m using a legacy WordPress site that will explain my current implementation of GTD (Getting Things Done) and how Tiago Forte’s SecondBrain would be integrated. This site will also include the various apps I’m using, including some updates/changes that may affect my future implementation. I tried using WordPress P2, but encountered too much drama trying to figure out how to create menus (for some reason). I always like to find ways to improve my management of data/knowledge, so we’ll see how this goes.

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Forums, BuddyPress removed (for now)

I just removed Forums and BuddyPress from the menu.

Never really used this, and didn’t appear that people were coming to blog to engage with it.

I still have the system active, so it might come back later.

Right now, I’m just going to focus on content – pages and blogs.

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Some changes to the BlogRoll

Was looking at some items that need to be removed/noted:
-bbPress Forum – I still have it installed, but going to remove it for now.
-David Allen (GTD) – Still going to link to this, as it’s useful for maintaining awareness with my practice of GTD
-Ojai OK Drill – I’m no longer in Ojai, and somewhat disconnected from the annual OK Drill. I believe they’re still doing this — 3rd Wednesday of September at 7PM. When I consolidated accounts in IONOS I preserved the domain name of My plan is to put some web development time into this in the future. Right now, it’s still pointing to a blogspot.
-Ojai Valley CERT had its domain name cancelled by me, so it’s technically now available for purchase. Figured it didn’t make sense paying for it anymore, as I left Ojai a while back.
-Senga Classic Stage Company is technically not active, but I’m maintaining it, as it reflects the effort and creativity that my mother put into the productions.

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openEMR installation

Installation went very smoothly. A couple things here and there (creating/editing php.ini) were not done, but it appears I’m functioning. This will only be for a handful of test records, and will not be an actual live/real system. Looking forward to going through the manual.

Procedure for installing openEMR

Desired Outcome: Install openEMR on my website, so I can have a good sense of EHR/EMR systems, including making changes to interface (eg forms)

Download the software to local HDD folder
Note: In my case, I chose Linux

Extracted the Tarball – double-clicking the file to expand

Created a subdomain on my web-site

Create a folder (webspace)

Linked the webspace to the subdomain

Uploaded the expanded software to the folder on website – using FileZilla
Note: Took forever — nearly 400MB upload

Ran the setup for installation – see what happens
Note: Was as simple as just going to the new website
Note: Looks like the auto-check for folder security passed

Note: I selected that I already had created a database
Note: Changed Serverhost from the default of “localhost” to what IONOS wants
Note: Changed Database Name from default of “openemr” to what IONOS wants
Note: Changed Login name from default of “openemr” to the Username as defined by IONOS
Note: Entered password that I had created before
Note: Skipped two factor auth for now

Install results so far, so good:
Connecting to MySQL Server… OK.
Creating Main tables… OK
Creating Language Translation (utf8) tables… OK
Creating CVX Immunization Codes tables… OK
Writing SQL configuration… OK.
Setting version indicators… OK
Writing global configuration defaults… OK
Adding Initial User… OK

Installing and Configuring Access Controls (php-GACL)…
Note: Came back all OK

PHP Configuration recommendations
We recommend making the following changes to your PHP installation, which can normally be done by editing the php.ini configuration file:

Your php.ini file can be found at /etc/php7.4/php.ini
To ensure proper functioning of OpenEMR you must make sure that PHP settings include:
Setting Required value Current value
short_open_tag Off On
display_errors Off Off
register_globals Off Off
max_input_vars at least 3000 5000
max_execution_time at least 60 0
max_input_time -1 -1
post_max_size at least 30M 64M
memory_limit at least 256M -1
mysqli.allow_local_infile On Off
In order to take full advantage of the patient documents capability you must make sure that settings in php.ini file include “file_uploads = On”, that “upload_max_filesize” is appropriate for your use and that “upload_tmp_dir” is set to a correct value that will work on your system.

Configuring Apache WebServer
Note: Because of confidential patient files, there is a bunch of lines that I have to somehow enter at bottom of my Apache configuration file — wherever that is

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