Domino File Maintenance – fixup, updall, compact

File maintenance is needed (for basic preventive maintenance) and also for when you do server upgrades.

Note: The location of FIXUP, UPDALL and COMPACT is in xxx, which explains the formatting of the command

Note: You would bring the server down before doing this. Also ensure that there are no services/processes running like xxx.

-Purpose of FIXUP is to xxx.
-The parameters are xxx

Purpose of UPDALL is to xxx.
The parameters are xxx

Purpose of COMPACT is to xxx.
The parameters are xxx

Transaction logging means xxx. One server (LAX) has this and the other doesn’t (OJAI)

DBIID means xxx. Explain what happens when the DBIID is changed.

Drawing in Zoom meetings

NOTE: This post is under development

Desired Outcome
-While in a Zoom meeting, being able to live draw (Dan Roam style), by integrating Android tablet

HowTo guide by UVa

Test of system with upload YouTube