System checks (Linux) and resource ref

For learning MySQL, and specifically Maria, I’m referring to O’Reilly’s “Learning MySQL and MariaDB” by Russell J.T. Dyer. This reference appears to have some core folk who were at the beginnings of both developments.

With new systems, it’s always fun to “hack” around with various commands (which don’t change anything) to inspect the system and learn more about the system/infrastructure. I don’t know where the IONOS systems are housed or what the underlying hardware is, but that’s OK.

Referencing this site for the following:

uname -srm (what version of Linux kernel is running)
Linux 4.4.284-icpu-077 x86_64 (Looks like Linux ver 4.4.284 running on a 64-bit x86 box)
Note: This could also be a Virtual Machine, so who really knows.

cat /etc/os-release (Finding out the Linux distribution)
Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

Forums have always been a great resource for learning and helping others:

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