Action List for General Aviation

Aviation Weather – Weather for New Pilot (Tom Morrison)
Note: Will cross-check with other references from sites like; Weather book by Jack Williams; Weather classroom by The Weather Channel
Done -Nature of the problem
In Process -Temperature
-Day, Night, Seasons, Terrain – Performance Effects
-Ceiling and Visibility
-Water in the Atmosphere
-Atmospheric Stability
-Pressure systems, air masses and fronts
-Day, night, seasons and terrain – visibility effects
-Obtaining and using information
-Aircraft and Pilot
-Getting an Instrument rating

Simulators (various)
-Garmin GNS430 application

Rod Machado – How to Fly an Airplane
-Basic Piloting Skills
-Flying Straight and Level and Turning
-Climbs and Descents
-Slow Flight
-Stalls and Spins
-Takeoffs and Climbs
-Ground Reference Maneuvers
-Airport Traffic Pattern
-Approaching to Land
-Roundout and Flare
-Crosswinds and Slips
-Advanced Landing Skills
-Advanced Maneuvers
-Night Flying

Rod Machado – Private Pilot Handbook
-Airplane Components
-Electrical Systems
-Flight Instruments
-Federal Aviation Regulations
-Airport Operations
-Radio Operations
-Aviation Maps
-Radio Navigation
-Weather chart, briefings, PIREPS Progs, and METARs
-Flight Planning
-Airplane Performance Charts
-Weight and Balance
-Additional stuff (Potpourri)

AOPA – Rusty Pilots Resource Guide

BasicMed Medical

-Possibly at San Luis Obispo Airport

CP Aviation’s Emergency Maneuever Training (EMT) with Judy Phelps
-Module I (Primary focus with Judy – early after beginning flying again)
-Module II
-Module II

Note: Basic flow is:
-BasicMed Medical
-BFR currency
-Instrument Rating
-Commercial Rating