Firewalls understanding a variety within a computer system

Desired Outcome Understanding the variety of firewalls within a typical microcomputer system External Physical Firewall Operating System Firewall Endpoint Security Firewall

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Uninstall Sophos Anti-virus software on Mac

Desired Outcome Remove Sophos Anti-Virus software from Mac. I got this software free from USC. Now I need to have McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac installed (for work), so I need to uninstall Sophos. I had version 9.9.7. installed of Read more…

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Troubleshooting – McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac – Agent upgrade

Issue that occurred After an in-place OS Upgrade from Sierra to Catalina, the Mac started crashing with errors pointing to McAfee Anti-Virus. Issue was the the version of McAfee was too old for the Operating System. There was also new Read more…

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Troubleshooting – MacOS Catalina with Notes 10.0.1. and slowness

Symptom that is occurring Slowness IBM Notes 10.0.1. Fixpack 4 Eclipse Java JRE Quick Fix (not entirely recommended, but works) Disabling SIP (xxx) How to do this csrutil disable

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Copying large files between servers

Desired Outcome Copy about 100GB of relatively large (more than 1GB in size each) files from one server to another. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to attach an external USB drive to each server. LogMeIn

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