Migrating Domino baremetal to ActiveGrid (E2E)

Desired Outcome -Create an end-to-end detailed flow of processes and configurations for Domino Migration -This is the copy-style method, where the same Domino OS version is migrated to new hardware ActiveGrid Configuration (OS, Drives, Drive Space, RAM, IP Address) -ActiveGrid currently certified to Microsoft Server 2012 R2 -Disk capacity total I requested = 800GB -Drive … Continue reading “Migrating Domino baremetal to ActiveGrid (E2E)”

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Domino Administration Server

The administration is xxx You can tell which server in the domain is the administration server by xxx It’s best practice, when upgrading servers (to new Domino versions) to upgrade the Administration Server first.

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Domino File Maintenance – fixup, updall, compact

File maintenance is needed (for basic preventive maintenance) and also for when you do server upgrades. Note: The location of FIXUP, UPDALL and COMPACT is in xxx, which explains the formatting of the command Note: You would bring the server down before doing this. Also ensure that there are no services/processes running like xxx. FIXUP … Continue reading “Domino File Maintenance – fixup, updall, compact”

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Upgrading Domino 8.5.3.FP6 to 9.0.1.FP10

Desired Outcome: -Complete the end-to-end flow of upgrading the ActiveGrid Test Server from 8.5.3. to 9.0.1. Basic Overview so far: Files uploaded: Ensuring that fileserver is not see in cluster, etc: Installing the installers and fixpacks: Issues encountered during Fixpack re: NSD running:

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Troubleshooting – HCL Notes 10.0.1. Fixpack 5 on osMojave

Environment before issue osMojave HCL Notes 10.0.1. FP4 (64-bit Mac) No Java installation (ie JRE) Appeared stable Issue Updated to Fixpack 5 Symptoms -NSD crash and basically unstable Documentation from HCL: -System requirements for Fixpack 5 Q: Is osMojave OK? Q: Do I need any form of Java for HCL Notes 10.0.1. FP5 on osMojave? … Continue reading “Troubleshooting – HCL Notes 10.0.1. Fixpack 5 on osMojave”

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