Aging Roku Hardware impacting Roku app and Netflix updates

-Roku Hardware (before Digital TV, with the S-Video cables, etc) to back of TV
-Roku App (with interface on TV) talking to Roku Device with integration to Netflix
-Netflix (company actually providing access to movies and user-interface features)

Lessons Learned from past:
-I’ve seen in the past where problems can occur when you have aging hardware that becomes out of synch with higher level applications. I’ve also seen where a lack of a BIOS update compromises the connection between the OS and the underlying hardware.

Symptoms within user interface of Netflix:
-A new feature recently displayed with a red “N” on various movies/shows. This signifies that it’s a Netflix production. Basically, it’s marketing by Netflix to highlight their stuff.
-The user could not “add” a movie to MyList
-The user could not “remove” a movie from MyList

The version of Roku app is:
-3.x (XXXX)
-Note: The Roku app is getting its versioning based on the Roku hardware

The version of Roku, from Netflix Corporation perspective is now:
-Version 4.x

Q: Do you upgrade the hardware?
-The issue is the Roku site looked like it didn’t have a newer version of the hardware with the old-school S-Video cables to back of a pre-digital TV. Basically, if I wanted to completely resolve all the user-interface issues within NetFlix (adding/removing to MyList) I would need to upgrade to a digital TV and also get new Roku Hardware

Q: How do I stop-gap the problem without purchasing hardware?
Note: I noticed that within the web-browser on my laptop, I was able to log-in to NetFlix and manually remove the movie from MyList
-Download the NetFlix app onto iPhone. This renders a smaller screen on iPhone, with same layout as on TV, and allows to navigate thru and add/remove. Issue is the screen size
-Download the NetFlix app onto Android. I have a Samsung Tablet with (I think) a 10″ screen. This is an effective interface for navigating and adding/removing

Summary: Because Netflix effectively made my hardware obsolete, while preserving most user-interface features, I’ve needed to come up with a stop-gap (Android Tablet) to supplement the TV user-interface.

20210401 UPDATE: This is weird… Now everything works – can add and remove from list. This is typical – call into tech support with an issue and it magically resolves a couple days later.

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