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Firewalls understanding a variety within a computer system

Desired Outcome Understanding the variety of firewalls within a typical microcomputer system External Physical Firewall Operating System Firewall Endpoint Security Firewall

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Firewall and DNS configurations (Domino Server) within ESXi VM

FQDN of IP address – DA-OJAI-VM (Windows Server 2016 Test – Domino 10) -A Record and PTR Record must point to the correct IP address for the server -nslookup is useful to confirm that the A and PTR records are … Continue reading

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SSH connections to VMware ESXi Host

Desired Outcome: While the VMware Web Client, when I purchase a basic license of VMware (including vCenter) is really good, I’ve heard, I need a means of accessing the VMware host using SSH. Action Support: -MacOS has a built in … Continue reading

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