Creating a MariaDB within IONOS

The goal is to create a new MariaDB within my ISP hosting (IONOS):

Hosting, Databases, Manage, Create Database
Choice of MariaDB 10 or MySQL 5.7 – I picked MariaDB 10
Note: I’m ideally wanting to install the latest version of MariaDB, so not sure what will actually install. No big deal — I’ll figure out how to check database version.
Enter Description and password.
Note: In the beginning of IONOS (1&1) the database size was 100MB. Now it looks like 2GB — that’s great.
When creating a database, there are a bunch of variables to keep track of, as they’ll be needed later:
-Database description – something that makes sense now and in a couple months
-Host name –
-Port – 3306
-Username – dbuxxxxxxx
-Type and version – MariaDB 10
-Storage – 2GB (2147MB)
-Password – – I’ve been using the auto-suggest method lately.

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