Creating connection between NetBeans IDE and SQL Server on UbuntuServer

Desired Outcome
Establish a connection between NetBeans IDE (running on my Mac) with a local UbuntuServer (I have running on a laptop attached to same LAN) that has MySQL running

NetBeans IDE
-Version 8.2
-Tools, Servers, Add Server returns: No server Plug-ins are installed in the IDE. The IDE needs a server plugin (eg Glassfish plugin) to enable registering and using a server. Use Plugins Manager to install server plugins.

Installing Glassfish Plugin
-In reviewing this site, I was then having difficulties finding the Glassfish plugin within Netbeans for installation –
-Followed this post that refers to manually downloading Glassfish and then uploading into NetBeans –
-Glassfish uses the JDK within the Mac Operating System
-GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 5.0 is also part of the Java EE SDK distributions.
-Note: This makes me think that within NetBeans there is already a plugin installed that just needs to be activated
-NetBeans IDE, Tools, Plugins, installed – don’t see GlassFish
-NetBeans IDE, Tools, Plugins, Available Plugins – don’t see GlassFish, but I see Java EE Base, etc.
-NetBeans IDE, Tools, Plugins, Search for “GlassFish” – points to “Java EE Base” as a certified plugin that refers to GlassFish
-Checked to install the plugin “Java EE Base” and it comes back with:
–Currently NetBeans IDE appears to be running with the JRE instead of the full JDK
–Info about starting the IDE with –jdkhom command line option
–Following plugins are affected:
—Eclipse J2SE Project Importer
—Eclipse Web Project Importer
—Java EE Base
—Mixed Java/Cpp Development Support
-NOTE: I’m going to hold off on making any changes to local Mac regarding JRE/JDK because I have a local copy of IBM/HCL Notes 10.0.1. and I don’t want to negatively impact Java/Eclipse right now

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