Installing a Social Media Portal

20150612 Just noticed that I must have installed bbpress already on my web-site. In this case, I will be working on adding BuddyPress as well. Not sure if that changes anything.

20150610 Having challenges figuring out which is which and how to install, etc. I found this overview site, which I’ll read in detail —

20150610 I want the forum part (bbpress) and the social group part (buddypress) so I’ll be installing both. I’ve learned that it’s best to install buddypress first and then bbpress within the add plugin section. Here’s some XREF material — Recommend that you install BuddyPress first. That way, after you install bbPress plugin via Plugins > Add New, you can activate BP group forums (if you want) in Settings > Forums .

20150610 I need to do some reading to understand difference between and Maybe it’s because of the relative scope of the app or something.

20150610 Reviewing this site for an overview of what’s needed —

20150610 I looked at BuddyPress a while back and didn’t do much with it. Now I’m planning on installing it and customizing it — replacing the idea of a blog on my web-site. Next step is: downloading the files from

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