Preparing for IBM Domino server installation

Various items to address in preparation:

IBM Notes
-Completed the upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10-Pro
-Downloaded, from IBM Passport Advantage, Part Number CNXL1EN, which is the IBM Notes-Administrator-Designer client 10.0.1. for Windows
-Copied my file over, because I had removed this from my Person Document in NAB
-Ran the installer (chose Notes, Administrator, Designer)
-Pointed to the file and said OK to allow it copy into the data folder
-Ran Administrator — found roaming files; all OK

IBM Domino Server
-Copied over the CERT.ID file to the Microsoft Windows 10-Pro Installers directory, because I’ll need that for creating a new file for the temporary server
-Downloaded, from IBM Passport Advantage, Part Number CNXL7EN, which is the IBM Domino Server 10.0.1 64-bit Windows English. Note: Was a bit weird, because it says the OS is for Windows 10 – maybe it was picking up that I had logged in from a Windows-10 machine

VMWare Snapshot
Done – make a snapshot before running the setup for Domino (and after doing Win Updates)

Registered a new Domino Server
Done – Simple to do. Followed these instructions. Now I have a new file to reference when running the domino installation

When you register a server, Domino does the following:

-Creates a server ID for the new server and certifies it with the certifier ID
-Creates a Server document for the new server in the Domino Directory
-Encrypts and attaches the server ID to the Server document and saves the ID on a disk or in a file on the server
-Adds the server name to the LocalDomainServers group in the Domino Directory
-Creates an entry for the new server in the Certification Log (certlog.nsf)

Pending – FQDN setup for the IP Addresses re: DNS addresses

Administration Server – Things to keep in mind
-This document gives some advice about changing names fields in various locations.

-You can configure which database is linked to which administration server. I remember a while back changing the administration server from one server to another. What actually occurred was that the NAB (names and address book) was changed. I confirmed this by going into the ACL and clicked on Advanced. That says which server is the administration server.
Note: This is good because the administration server (linked to NAB) is technically the first server to be upgraded to Domino 10.0.1., because that’s the first server I’m going to be replicating. Within the ACL it also says under action – “Do not modify names fields”.
Note: As a cross-check, I looked at the ACL for my mail database, and the administration server is the other server. I’m now confirmed on which server is the administration server for the Domain’s Name and Address Book (NAB) database.

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