Quicken 2017 Home & Business – account reconciling issues (Resolved)

Desired Outcome:
Resolve why every so often my Quicken Accounts become disconnected from my bank.

20190607 Update: After upgrading from Windows 10-Home to 10-Pro, I had to over-install Quicken for Windows. The data was picked up OK.

-Within checking account, I noticed that the name in the bank account is all caps, so changed that in Quicken; No difference. Somehow the bank is not recognizing the Quicken account.
-Tried resetting the accounts first, but none of the accounts where seen – something about either the account closed (not true) or the nickname not consistent (possible, but I thought i had addressed that a while back).
-Deactivated the Checking Account; Did the 1-step command; entered the bank username and password
-Quicken then contacts the bank and acknowledges that there are two accounts (Checking and Visa) — the others (Savings, two business accounts) are still disconnected somehow
-Quicken asks if the Checking and Visa accounts should be added or linked. This is the key — I was able to navigate to two existing accounts in Quicken and linked them.
-Quicken then did it’s thing and came back with a reconciliation of Visa and Checking and had downloaded for 527 days and 516 days respectively
-Maybe I’m on to a solution now and just need to repeat for the other accounts
-Checked the account listing and looks good for Checking and Visa
-Working on resolving Savings, two Business Accounts by deactivating and then manually activating again and entering the bank username and password. This is a pain, but I suppose it’s required.


In doing this a couple times now, I’m figuring that the key is to deactivate EVERY account and then add them all back in again. I’ve seen that if you do it one at a time, it some forget about other accounts.

This is a Troubleshooting from Quicken from Quicken that may give more info


I think I’m good now. The final account wanted to reset and it actually found the account to link to automatically. We’ll see how long this holds, because I’ve noticed it happening every so often. I also need to use the app more consistently (during Weekly Reviews). There is a good chance that things fell out because I had just done a Windows upgrade from 8.1 to 10 last night.

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