SAS University – transitioned away from local installs to cloud

So far, I was using SAS University (on my Mac) by creating a VirtualBox VM, with SAS University then installed.

The only issue I had, which happened a couple times, is that I would overlook the licensing renewal and end up having to do an overinstall.

Looks like SAS is getting away from these local installs and has moved to 100% cloud-based for SAS University.

Of course, the key benefit is that I can now go into VirtualBox and delete that VM, as it’s not needed, and taking up a lot of space on Mac’s HDD.

Here’s some info I received in an email from SAS:

Access to SAS University Edition expires Aug. 2, 2021. However, you can continue to enjoy free access to SAS Studio with SAS OnDemand for Academics, a free cloud-based software option for teaching and learning. In addition to giving you access to the most up-to-date statistical and quantitative methods, you will find that SAS OnDemand for Academics offers other benefits, including:

No installation required. After registering, all you need to get started with SAS Studio is a supported web browser and internet connection.

Cloud access. Our software supports learning globally with a network of SAS servers around the world.

Simplicity. From single-click data upload and easy file management to automatic software updates, the user experience is seamless. And you’ll find the same interactive interface you use in SAS University Edition.

Expanded capabilities. Interested in going beyond what you’ve been doing in SAS University Edition? SAS OnDemand for Academics: Studio provides greater functionality with access to more SAS products and features.

Share course data. While every SAS OnDemand for Academics user can upload up to 5GB of data to the SAS Cloud, educators can upload an additional 3GB of course data to share with students.

Start exploring how SAS Studio in SAS University Edition and SAS OnDemand for Academics compare. Our resource website provides step-by-step instructions and sample programs.

Deleting the VM in Virtual Box
I followed these instructions, which were very easy. I selected “Delete all files” as I wanted to do that. I had already transitioned and tested out via the cloud

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