Ubuntu 14.04.4 Server installation notes – Security and Weather

Needed to install a new Ubuntu Server for a long-term project of creating a DIY Security Monitoring System and DIY Weather Station. The primary outcome (security and weather aside) is learning – Ubuntu, SQL, C Programming, Networking, Wireless Communication, etc). The following are general notes, prior to adding anything related to Security Monitoring or Weather.

Downloading Ubuntu Server

Integrating resources for action support (Book, Forums, Google Search)

Getting the .ISO onto bootable DVD

Main Account username and password

Root-level access to my own account

Modifying the IP Address to be static

Access via Putty (SSH)
Did a search on my own site to review how I did this in the past — http://www.paulgarth.com/2015/11/22/remote-into-ubuntu-desktop-acer/


Closing the lid and keeping server running
Sudo SU — to get access to root level
vi /etc/systemd/logind.conf
Modified this line to end in “ignore” – HandleLidSwitch=ignore
To save and exit, it is “: and then wq!” — had to be in Insert Mode to edit (i) and then Escape before saving.
Note: Ensure to remove the leading “#” (because that comments it out)
Restart with – restart systemd-logind
Now I can close lid and servers stays on — good for stacking devices…

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