Verizon Hub going away to Home Phone Connect

I’ve been using the Verizon Hub system (which was effectively VoIP) at home for the last several years and it worked quite well. It was easy to forward calls (unlimited, for free) to the Verizon cell number. Had a cool tablet-like interface with a bunch of additional features (weather, etc) that I didn’t really get into.

Unfortunately, Verizon is now canning this system — which is a shame because it provided good content, similar to what the French initiated back in the 60’s or 70’s.

Anyway, now the new service is called Home Phone Connect. You can connect a regular landline phone to the device and there is a flat-fee $20 for unlimited nationwide. Not sure about the forwarding feature now.

For $10 a month I can add to my 2-line Family Plan. Seeing as I have 1400 minutes in the plan, and my average minutes between 2 cellphones and the hub was always less than 700, I’m considering opting for this plan. Still has unlimited nights and weekends and free in-Verizon cell-phone calling.

I have through end of August to decide and I think can get a free upgrade with no commit.

Here’s the manual. I’m still somewhat confused about various things like call forward, voice mail, etc — what part come with the wireless device and what’s on the phone. Also, is this technically on a wireless connection, but still VoIP?

Here’s a product overview link —


Q: If I put the device on call forward to my Verizon Mobile Phone, will there be additional charges?

A: No

Reference Call Forwarding:
Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect allows customers to forward calls to another phone number,
including your mobile phone or office number. Your home phone will not ring until you deactivate the
service. Airtime applies to forwarded calls even if you send the call to wire line telephones. When
forwarding calls to phone numbers outside your local calling area, you will be billed for any toll, long
distance and airtime charges incurred. Additional per-minute charges may apply to all forwarded calls.
This feature is also known as “Immediate Call Forwarding”.

Reference Support:

Q: When accessing VoiceMail, is there a per-minute charge to listen?

A: No

Q: Can the device be relocated someplace else?

A: Yes, as long as it’s covered in the other area.

Q: What are all the Pros/Cons of going to a land-line instead (voice quality; features (caller-id); coverage costs)

A: Same voice quality as landline, as long as you have good wireless (TDMA) service

Q: How long can OGM be — used for a theater?

A: Couldn’t get definitive answer, but probably OK — just like Hub.

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