XCTC – Day Twelve (Mon) – lotion; water; FREDI location; Tactical Nav

-So far, the inexpensive Albertsons SP30 suntan lotion (greaseless and non-odor) is working well. Strategy is to apply at home, so I can see what I’m doing in the mirror. I then re-apply twice during the day. Key, for me, is to pretend I’m washing my face and neck — that way, I get the lotion everywhere I need.

-Was really hot today (close to 100) and predominantly not in the shade. Also, was clambering up on top of military vehicles. Needed to suck down a lot of water — at one point it was several pints bottles within one hour. Must have needed, because only went to bathroom once during the day. I keep forgetting to take the electrolyte stuff I bought.

FREDI Location
-The lesson is that nobody will place a device exactly where you actually need it. I’m resolved to now just relocate, if I can, any device that’s obviously in a non-convenient location, and that won’t disturb any installation. That will avoid expending energy getting frustrated.

Tactical Nav
-I’m not the primary in using this app, so I’m just using it for my own purposes. I’ve found that it’s really accurate. One thing is to ensure I save any new waypoints because if I quit out of the app then I lose the input. Also, I have to ensure I’m in the correct folder before creating a waypoint — XCTC folder.

Map Reading and Land Navigation
-I saw a group of soldiers laying out on the ground what looked like a map of an engagement. They were quite creative with pieces of cardboard and twigs, to create the overall visual. This is a file for Map Reading and Land Navigation, by the military — here for reference, as I don’t see needing this right now.

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