Zoneminder – understanding web-console

Logged in as – admin (Note: This is also how to logout by clicking on admin)
Options = bunch of tabs and settings
Log = used for logging; investigate if “red”
Events to month (columns) = core of ZM – when zones are triggered
Zones = useful for focusing in areas that you want to allow for triggering (eg motion)
Source = Type of camera (IP, USB) — useful for troubleshooting camera, if red
Function = How Zm records. Note: These are the variables:
Modect == record if a motion is detected,Record = always record 24×7, Mocord = always record PLUS detect motion, Monitor = just provide a live view but don’t record anytime, Nodect = Don’t record till an external entity via zmtrigger tells Zoneminder to (this is advanced usage).
Button to view a montage of various cameras, etc
Running = Running” text, ZoneMinder brings up a popup that allows you to define additional “states” (referred to as runstates). A runstate is essentially a snapshot that records the state of each monitor and you can switch between states easily.

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