Resolved – Error logging in to Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Got some weird message about redirect to –

Then, when I tried to change password it wasn’t emailing to my backup email address.

Maybe it’s because I’m cancelling Office 365 Family for Office 365 Business Standard

This is annoying, because it won’t log in.

Able to log in to Outlook via the web portal no problem. Able to send email to outlook account AND reply — so that means the password is fine.

Q: Why is there an issue with the local Mac App of Outlook not wanting to log in. I did follow the instructions within the link above about going into terminal and flagging something as “true”

Opened local Mac version of Outlook. Closed the prompt for login password. Went into Preferences, Account. I see the default account email address correct. The authentication method is Username and password. Username is correct. Entered what I know the password to be. This is really annoying because there is no “Save” or “OK” Button.

Was able, from iPhone, to send an email to gmail and reply back — OK

Q: Why, within local Mac App for Outlook is it wanting a password?

Found this info to check re: keychain passwords —

I followed all the steps within keychain access — no difference

Updated Firefox and restarted Mac

Message: OneDrive wants to use your confidential information stored in “adalcache” in your keychain. Wants me to login to the keychain password. Entered passwword and said “Always”. Notice the OneDrive icon at the topic appeared to now be OK.

Some message about Dropbox accessibility – unrelated to Outlook issues, but did that because it was nagging from before.

Yammer was running — odd because I don’t remember loading it before. Maybe it’s on an auto-connect. Quit Yammer for now.

Ran Outlook for Mac. Prompted for password. This time it accepted it. Sent a test from gmail to my Outlook account. Received and replied — all good. Now it appears that the Outlook app for Mac can log-in and send/receive mail.

Summary: Maybe it was just about restarting the Mac and also updating the Keychain re: OneDrive.

Quit Outlook for Mac and back in again — OK.

Checked Preferences, Accounts within Outlook Mac and now I see the Default account with a green blip — that’s good, as it was yellow before.

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