Experience of Blogging, so far…

Without having a background in Web Development (HTML coding), I was intrigued to first create a blog with Blogger — http://www.paulgarth.blogspot.com.  The process was quite easy and fun to work with.  Most of my time has been spent posting to http://ojaivalleycert.blogspot.com for The Ojai Valley CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

Now that I’ve secured http://ojaivalleycert.org, http://www.okdrill.org and http://www.paulgarth.com, it’s time to get serious.

I’m sure everybody thinks their first ISP is great, based on acclimating to their relative user interface.  My experience with 1and1.com has been really good, and I find it easy to create SQL databases, etc.

Working through the 5 minute installation of WordPress was literally that – 5 minutes.  The only initial customization is configuring the config.php file with your SQL database settings and making sure you upload the files to the correct directory.

I even installed a new theme.  Unless I change it, this one is called iNove.  As you can see, I’ve figured out how to create web-links so you can hover over web addresses and click on a link.

Of course, if you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and so forth, you can customize where the templates and themes leave off.  For now, I’m sticking to getting some content written.  I will be dabbling with Web Development Programming as one of my projects.

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CERT Coordinator, Ham Radio Operator, GTD Fan; Photographer; Domino/Notes Administrator
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