Installing CentOS on Virtual Box on MacOS

Cross reference to a prior blog post from 2012 —

Virtual box shows RHEL7, so I will be installing CentOS 7

VirtualBox was already running, but I didn’t have extension packs installed. On VirtualBox Downloads is VirtualBox 6.1.8 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

Issue: I have VirtualBox 6.0.20 installed, which is older than extension pack.

Checked within VirtualBox for updates, and I have the most recent version. What gives.

For now, I’m going to hold off on extensions — maybe that’s just for Mac

I think I had to manually download the latest Virtual Box 6.1.8

So far so good. Now I have the latest version 6.1.8. Also the Extension Pack I had downloaded is not showing correctly with a green checkmark within Preferences inside the app ; Changelog for VirtualBox 6.1; VirtualBox 6.1.8 (released May 15 2020)

Guest Additions: Build problems fix with Oracle Linux 8.2 (Red Hat compatible kernel) / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 / CentOS 8.2 (bug #19391)
Note: Looks like CentOS 8 will be OK. They haven’t updated that other doc that only went up to RHEL 7; CentOS Linux DVD ISO as of 20200519 is 8.1.1911

Create a VM — CentOS 8
Changed RAM to 2048 (2GB)
Create Virtual Hard Disk – Create a VDI of 8GB
Dynamically allocated – allocates as VM needs it
Leaving at 8GB
Note: Now we have a Virtual Machine created

Customizing the Virtual Machine Settings:
-Confirmed Settings, Systems, Enable I/O APIC is checked – VM will run faster
-Processors – increased to two (2) — still in the green
-Confirmed Enable Feature PAE/NX is checked – faster and other things
-Confirmed under acceleration that Enable Nested Paging is checked
-Changed Display — gave more Video Memory — 60MB
-Checked on Enable 3D Acceleration
-Network; changed from NAT to Bridged Adapter — so I can log-in to the VM from outside Virtual Box. Auto set for Thunderbolt Ethernet

-I downloaded from; CentOS Linux DVD ISO as of 20200519 is 8.1.1911
Note: It’s 7GB in size. Maybe I could have found a smaller distro with less stuff in it, but keeping this relatively the same as the Lynda training.

Didn’t bother cloning the VM — I’m only going to do this once, as it’s on my own Mac
Note: If I did click on Clone, change to something like CentOS 8 Full DVD, and also click on reintialize the MAC address of all network cards — so each VM is truly unique. Note: Full clone checked

Started the VM; it asked for location of DVD ISO


Language – English; Time and Data
Install Destination; Custom; Suggest; accepted defaults (3 folders – boot, root, etc…

Create a Root password

Create first user and password — ensured I checked as administrator

Haven’t configured network settings yet, but that’s OK because we did install from the full DVD ISO


Didn’t work – ran out of resources

I’m going to do a do-over — this time with CentOS 7

The tutorial focuses on CentOS 7, and there are some differences in the layout with version 8. I downloaded from the full DVD of Centos 7. Followed the same settings as above.

Layout during installation definitely different that version 8 — could to be in synch with Lynda videos. Verified the Full DVD download of CentOS 7 within the installer. Selected Server with GUI.

Yeah!! It worked. Just had to be patient for the final system cleanup process. Rebooted. Accepted license. Logged in. Done.


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