Learning Drupal by video

This is the way to do it — http://drupal.org/node/369988. Great stuff from “Learn by the Drop”

-So far so good — have done a couple basic admin setups.
-Installing the ZEN Theme — needed to create a \themes directory under \sites\all. They mention a WAMP server — not sure what that means.
-Hey!! I went to administration, themes and ZEN was there – cool! Unchecked Garland Theme and made ZEN the default theme. So far, pretty Zen…

Downloading some modules now… Had to create a \modules folder under sites\all, similar to \themes
* Mollom for spam protection. Required setting up an account at www.mollom.com for API Keys
* PathAuto for configurable automated URLs
* FCKEditor for WYSIWYG post editing. Note: Dropped FCKEditor 2.6.6 inside folder of FCKEditor 6.x.2.1
* IMCE for uploading images to insert into posts
* Poor Mans Cron for easy execution of the Drupal cron file

Decided to process the API Keys for Mollom, even though I won’t be posting for a while. It was a really easy process. Done.

For some reason, PoorMansCron didn’t completely load, but I can run cron within Administer, Status Report

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