Drupal Installation (Definitely READ this if using 1and1.com)

So far, I’ve been reading the first section — Understanding Drupal, which gives a good overview of the underlying structure and basic syntax. Seems like it’s very Lego-like with its modular approach. I like the idea of the content dynamically shifting to accommodate the viewer (whether anonymous or registered user).

The progress so far with me and Web Development is that I’ve learned that it may take a bit longer to get up and running, but definitely worth the time reviewing all the documentation first before diving in too deep. At this point, I’d usually have got the system installed by now and wouldn’t be fully appreciating what I have. Looks like the documentation is already referencing the idea of having a local test install (using a locally running Server using Ubuntu VM – this is already getting intense) so that you test changes before making them live online. There maybe a 1-click install for Drupal for my ISP (1and1.com), but I’m planning on going the longer route.

Onwards to reading – Installation Guide.

Wow! I could go off on so many tangents already, what with local VM’s of Servers which include PHP, SQL and so forth. For now, I’m keeping things simple and will just focus on getting a basic site installed. Then I’ll go back to the local Server install — probably using VM running on Ubuntu.

I’ve heard, of course, of MySql and am familiar with using phpAdmin to create databases. Now I’m finding that there is also MariaDB that was formed from the originator of MySQL — so many choices, so little time.

I’ve seen that my ISP (1and1.com) has been shown to function with Drupal, but the Drupal docs say “Drupal makes use of some features not available on some inexpensive hosting plans so please check that your host allows database accounts with the following rights:
These rights are sufficient to run Drupal core 6.x.” — I need to confirm that 1and1.com is compatible before going to deep with this. So far, I’m finding some bashing of 1and1.com, but overall positive as a web-host for Drupal. Some issues arise around the 100MB max on each database and some custom configs within .htaccess, etc. Doesn’t seem like a show-stopper and my plan is to have multiple CMS’s online focusing on specific topics.

Cool! Looks like someone has written out detail instructions for installing Drupal on 1and1.com — read this.

Not quite sure where the above install was heading because it included something about loading the database schema directly into phpAdmin. Couldn’t find the database.mysql.40 file.

Went back to the Drupal site and now following — http://drupal.org/documentation/install/basic

Easy to download Drupal 6.x and upload to the 1and1.com site. Now I’m asked to add a user to the PHP database. 1and1 is not too specific so I googled it and found:

1st: On index page of phpmyadmin find link: Privileges
2st: On page Privileges you have user list click on edit user privileges.
3th: On page find Database-specific privileges select from list database and press go that is all…

This is driving me batty — where do you find “Privileges??? I’m starting to sense drama with 1and1.com and Drupal installation, but I found this — “I was trying to install drupal on my site. 1and1 hosts the database on a different server so I had to change “localhost” to the url of my database.” Looks like the default username and password that is auto-created is what I want and I don’t actually go down the path of selecting “Privileges”

The instructions are mentioning making the sites\default directory writable. I just checked the file attributes and it’s already write for owner with value 755, so I think I’m OK.

Now it says browse to your new Drupal site — I think that means http://senga.franciscabeach.com, as I’m working with a sub-domain of my mother’s web-site for the initial install of Drupal. Holy Moly — it worked… continuing on now…

Great… I click “Continue in English” and receive back something about “register_globals is enabled” and that Drupal requires this configuration directive to be disabled. Now I have to figure out how to change the config settings for PHP.

I googled and found someone with same issue: i am trying to install drupal, it gives me this error: register_globals is enabled. Drupal requires this configuration directive to be disabled. Your site may not be secure when register_globals is enabled. The PHP manual has instructions for how to change configuration settings. (Currently using PHP register globals Enabled (‘1’))

Someone replied with: Drupal has its own htaccess file, and it will be in the directory that you installed Drupal into. As for register_globals, are you on a 1and1 shared server? If so, it SHOULD be off as is. If not, you can try adding a php.ini file (create a text file with notepad and name it that) that says register_globals = Off and place it into your Drupal directory.

I created the php.ini within FileZilla by copying an existing file on local HDD, saving as php.ini and uploading to root directory. I then opened php.ini and entered the line about register globals. Seems a bit weird to do all this but, anyway…. Clicked refresh on browser and now that error went away re: register_globals.

Now I’m getting a suggestion increase PHP memory limit to 16M. It’s currently using PHP memory limit 8M. Of course, it doesn’t tell me how to do that, so I googled and found:

i haven installed 3 instances of drupal 6.1 on 1on1 servers without any problems. the only thing was, i had to modifiy the php.ini to 16M. After that i just ran the install.php, inserted the database data and installation was without any problems

Solution I believe is to add to my php.ini, this entry: memory_limit 16M. I made the change, refreshed, and am still getting the message. There is some note about: restart your web-server, but I think it will probably update by itself.

I also read someplace about needing to make an entry in .htaccess about PHP 5, but I’ll wait on that.

Now the installer wants the database name, username and password.

Now I’m having an issue with entering the database name.

It’s asking for:
-Database name
-Database username
-Database password

Of course, 1and1.com also uses the field database name but…

I think what Drupal is wanting is the 1and1 Host Name.

No deal…. now I’m thinking it’s to do with that .htaccess mod re: PHP5

I made change re: PHP5 – no diff so far…

Now I found:

took me a while but the update for 6.8 installation using 1and1.com is that when drupal asks for database information, be sure to unhide the advanced options and fill in the host name and port number that 1and1 gives you after creating a db in 1and1’s own MySQL administration.

you also have to make the same corresponding changes in your drupal file, /sites/default/settings.php where the code says, mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename.

i did those two things and was able to get passed the database setup portion of the install.

hope this helps someone

Now I’m getting this error as addressed within this link:

Someone advised I click on “Advanced Options”
-Database Name = 1and1 Database Name
-Database username = 1and1 Database username
-Database password = 1and1 database password
-Database Host = 1and1 hostname
Note: If your database is located on a different server, change this
Note: I overwrote “localhost” with the 1and1 perfora.net host name
-Database port = left blank
-Table prefix = left blank

F**K me — it worked… finally…

Now we’re up to: Configure Site…

Received message stating: “All necessary changes to
./sites/default and ./sites/default/settings.php have
been made. They have been set to read-only for security.


Now it’s prompting for site name, which is pre-populated to senga.franciscabeach.com
Wanting an email address, so I’ll put my email address.

Looks like I’ll need to create an email address using the same domain name.

Note stating: “The From address in automated emails sent during registration
and new password requests and other notifications.
Use an address ending in your site’s domain to help prevent
this email being flagged as spam.

Congratulations. Drupal has been successfully installed.

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