WordPress Themes & Drupal update

I’m going to hopping back and forth between doing preliminary reading on Drupal while also working through the Mati Fuller book on WordPress.

Now I’m reading about customizing Themes — I’m using Techozoic Fluid because she recommended Jeremy Clark. He seems like a good guy — I posted something on his site and he was quick to respond.

I must say that I’m not having the easiest time trying to figure out what I should actually be changing in terms of font-size and color. For example, I find it difficult knowing what the corresponding name is to the component that I want to change in the General Settings. One strategy I suppose would be to do one field at a time and then see what actually changes.

Don’t forget, after making a change, to hit the refresh key after going back to the web-site to check — I didn’t realize I was actually making changes until I hit refresh.

I think the whole font-size thing is a tad awkward to figure out, but it’ll probably come clearer when getting deeper into CSS and making specific changes.

I somewhat became impatient so just clicked “reset” within General Settings, which put everything back to a default. Everythings a bit small, but I know how to fix that, basically…

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