MediaWiki installation

I’ve decided to try using a Wiki for managing knowledge, lessons learned, best practices.

MediaWiki is the open source version of WikiPedia.

Downloaded the installer; unpacked using 7-Zip.

Created a subdomain —

Created a folder within WebExplorer so I can upload the installer to it. Called it “wiki”, which may not be advisable if wishing to use that as a short name — not sure what means

Create a Sql Database and recorded the various settings I need.

Upgraded FileZilla and configured account to access files within

Uploaded the installer files using sftp — this process took a while

Went to this site for the initial config documentation —

Went to — I made the subdomain point to the specific installer folder, which is why it looks like index.php is not within it’s own folder.

Various info:

PHP 5.5.24 is installed.
Warning: Could not find APC, XCache or WinCache.

Object caching is not enabled.
Found ImageMagick: /usr/bin/convert.

Image thumbnailing will be enabled if you enable uploads.
Found the Git version control software: /usr/bin/git.
Using server name “”.
Using server URL “”.

So far so good — followed all the prompts, and now I have my on Wiki

Signed up for digests

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