Updating PHP Versions – again

Here I am, back into my web-site again…

Got this message from my ISP re: PHP

I want to make you aware that we are planning to end our support of PHP 5.2. We have continued to offer PHP 5.2 because of customer demand, but it has reached its end of life back in 2011, and is no longer supported by the PHP community.

We will begin phasing out PHP 5.2 starting 07/01/2015, and will only offer PHP 5.2 as an add-on, in case you still need more time to update your website or scripts.

Please be aware that we will only offer this extended PHP support as an add-on until 02.01.2017, at which point we will no longer offer PHP 5.2. You can read more about our plan for extended support for older PHP versions in the 1&1 Community Portal.

If you are already using only PHP 5.5 (or later) exclusively, then you don’t need to take any action.

If you still use PHP 5.2 for anything, I highly recommend updating your default PHP version set in the 1&1 Control Panel by following the steps in the “Switching PHP Versions” section from the 1&1 Community Portal link above.

Not all functions and features of PHP 5.2 are available in PHP 5.5 or later, so in certain circumstances, you may encounter errors after switching. I suggest that you update all of your web applications (such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.) to the latest versions so that they are compatible with the newer versions of PHP. You can also ask your Web Developer to investigate if you encounter problems.

I’m not completely understanding the ramifications, but I upgraded everything to version 5.5.

I noticed that version 5.6 is also available.

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