Microsoft Teams – Upgrading from Family to Business

Current Environment
-Mac osMojave
-Office 2016 Suite of applications (Word, Excel, Outlook) on several machines
-Microsoft 365 Family (formerly 365 Home) – which I’ve had for several years now ($99.99/yr)
-Hosting of through IONOS

-Have Outlook mail (50GB) hosted by Microsoft, so I’m not limited by local IONOS database
-Integrate Microsoft Teams for working with clients (chat, web-conference, etc)
-Have Teams interactions with each individual client – 1:1 ratio
-Publish my calendar for bookings
-Have files uploaded/downloaded to OneDrive (MP3 audios, articles, client paperwork)
-Have access to OWA for Outlook 2019 via browser
-Continued ability to have local applications (Word, Excel, etc) installed on Mac/Windows

Microsoft Teams – Free Version
-Using same email address domain I currently have with 365 Family, I created a free Teams account.
-Q: What limitation is there for free version re: number of teams?
-A: Is it 300?
-Q: When I added a member/guest,their username is their email address, which complicates lookups for chat. Can their username be renamed, or is this only with the pay version?

Microsoft Teams – pay version through Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Q: Is there a difference in the number of people total of 300?

Outlook – version and via web-browser
-Currently using Outlook 2016 for Mac locally installed
Note: I’m accessing a mail database on IONOS via IMAP
-Would like to maintain osMojave, so as to avoid any drama with upgrade to osCatalina
-Have used gmail for years via web-browser, and will continue to use
-Ideally, I have the latest version of Outlook (2019) via web-browser
-My understanding is that I would go to this URL if IONOS was hosting –
-Q: Is Teams integrated within the web app of Outlook 2019?

Microsoft Bookings
-This feature starts with Microsoft 365 Standard and is an interface for customers to schedule and manage appointments.

Which version of Microsoft 365 to migrate to?
-Microsoft 365 Business Basic is out because it doesn’t include local applications
-Microsoft 365 Business Standard has web and mobile version; 50GB for email with your own domain name; publish calendar, share available meeting times, schedule meetings; store and share files with 1TB of OneDrive, share files with external contacts – guest links, secure down the access; host online meetings, chat with team member, integrate with MS-Teams; maximum number of users = 300.
-Microsoft 365 Business Premium appears overkill for my needs; some additional advanced security features.

Which vendor would be preferred? (Microsoft, IONOS, CDW)?
-The domain is currently managed by IONOS, but I don’t use the MS-Exchange feature yet, which I believe is the purpose of Microsoft 365 Business
-Q: Is there an advantage to change to the Business plan thru IONOS?
A: You get support from IONOS – but it’s relatively limited IMO

Number to contact IONOS re: Microsoft 365 Business Standard
(866) 289-5039 (8AM to 5PM) – Eastern

Pricing comparisons of Microsoft 365 Business Standard
OK Note: I currently have Microsoft 365 Family for $99.99/yr
-Microsoft: $12.50/month; try free for a month; that works out to a recurrent $150/year (12 * $12.50)
-IONOS: 3 months free, then $14/month; for first year that’s $126 and then a recurring $168. Even though there is an additional $18 difference with IONOS, it’s maybe advantageous to consolidate with them, considering they manage my domain names.

NOTE: This URL is about “Switch from Microsoft 365 for home to a business subscription

OK -Migrating the Microsoft 365 Family Account ( to IONOS – 365 Business Standard
NOTE: I may actually not be migrating from 365 Family, as I’m not hosting email thru Microsoft now
-On Outlook for Mac (locally installed), export everything (email, calendar, tasks, contacts) to an .OLM extension file — locally saved on Mac
-Within IONOS Portal, create a subdomain –
-Within IONOS Portal, Email, there are several email addresses:
– — click on email address link; change domain to
– — click on email address link; change domain to
– — click on email address link; change domain to
– — click on email address link; change domain to
– — click on email address link; change domain to
– – — left as is
– — click on email address link; change domain to

OK -Called back into IONOS to see what next steps are. They created the new account
–Issues with trying to resolve the actual configuration
–Resolved by logging out of IONOS portal and logging back in again
–Configured for my email address and new password
–Now I can get into the portal for 365 Business Standard

OK -Downloading Office 365 – version 10.38 (latest) – 1.5GB total size
–Note: Unpacking will take 8.58GB or space – I have enough space… barely…
–Apps appear to install and run OK, except for Outlook – still pointing to IMAP
–Outlook via Web not receiving email – maybe the mx record needs updating
A: Now resolved. Mail going thru. Removed old IMAP account

-Issues to resolve via Microsoft directly)
Q: Teams app is still showing free – how to either merge or remove the free version? You have to upgrade to a new Microsoft 365 subscription. Merging Teams free into an existing Microsoft 365 paid subscription is not supported.
Q: How many teams in MS-Team can I have?
Q: In MS-Teams, if you invite based on email address, can you rename their username later?
Q: Do I have a Team for each client I have?
Q: How do I remove the old free MS-Teams account?
Switch from MS-365 for Home to a Business Subscription

PG Forum request — Renaming members and guests in MS-Teams

-Review Microsoft 365 Family to copy over anything in OneDrive to the new OneDrive
-Contact Microsoft to cancel the 365 Family Account, as I now have 365 Business Standard

NOTE: Place in a different post when resolved:

-Q: Do I have a free SSL that I can use for Something about attacks.
-A: Yes. It’s included.
-Q: Is there a recurring cost for SSL?
-A: No. It’s included.

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