Random post to show I’m still here

I’m tired of seeing the post from December, and it’s now end of April, so here’s a random post.

Lot’s of things happening:
-Got a new iMac so I assist with Senga’s web-page, flyers, videos, etc.
-Want to start playing with X-Plane Flight Sim on new Mac
-Interesting integration at work with Holacracy
-Getting ready to do a Domino/Notes Upgrade to version 8.5.x
-All kinds of other projects at work
-Interesting Projects with CERT, Ham Radio and Red Cross using Depiction Mapping
-Need to get back into making this blog something decent

Well… That’s my post for now.

About Paul

CERT Coordinator, Ham Radio Operator, GTD Fan; Photographer; Domino/Notes Administrator
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