TikiWiki installation for CERT (OK Drill)

20110724 – Update: TikiWiki is a fun concept, but I’m just going to use phpBB for inter-comm for OK Drill.

I’m in the middle of the file upload for installing TikiWiki for upcoming Ojai OK Drill (www.okdrill.org) this September 21st at 7PM.

TikiWiki is one of these combo CMS systems that manage blogs, RSS, Forums, images, etc. While I’m focusing on developing WordPress skills, I thought it’d be fun to try out one of these all-in-one comprehensive suites — just for a specific exercise.

Reason for going down this path is that I’d like to see some forum interaction between Neighborhood Area Coordinators, NERT Coordinators and CERT Team Members. This will also aid other CERT Groups for their drill improve cross-communication.

After uploading and trying an install, I get the error — PHP 5.2 is required. Now I have to monkey with the .htaccess file, I think

The .htaccess file mentioned un-remming a couple lines:

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php (Advised by 1and 1 to add)
AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php (Already in file and I unremmed)
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php (Already in file and I unremmed)

This appears to be some specific info for installing TikiWiki on 1and1 hosts:


So typical!!! I need to start learning PHP. The htaccess file on server was named _htaccess and needs to be renamed to .htaccess

1.4. Rename _htaccess for clean URLs (optional)
You can rename _htaccess to .htaccess

Getting somewhat closer now, but now it wants to open the tiki-install.php file instead of running it…

Subdomain issue maybe?

I thought I was being swift by creating a subdomain — oktiki.ojaivalleycert.org vs ojaivalleycert.org/tiki

I think I need to modify .htaccess so that it knows it’s technically not within a folder off of root – ie /tiki

# If your Tiki is not at the root of the server (e.g. at http://example.com/tiki)
# You will need to uncomment and fix the RewriteBase value below to suit your installation.
# RewriteBase “/tiki”
# And if you get errors like “The requested URL /absolutepath/tiki-index.php was not found on this server”,
# You may need to uncomment the following line.
# RewriteBase /

I’m good at joining Forums now, so we’ll see what happens. I asked if OK to install within a subdomain.

Found this:

To run PHP5 on 1and1.com add the following lines to your _htaccess file (Tiki 3):
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php
uncomment line 29 and 30 then rename in .htaccess

After a bunch of surfing, I found the magic bullet line to add to .htaccess within http://doc.tiki.org/Requirements

AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

TikiWiki Installation Notes
Tiki has detected your PHP memory_limit at: 90 MB.

Sent a test email from installer and received this email seconds later:


Your server can send emails.

Tiki version: 7.0
PHP version: 5.2.17
Server: oktiki.ojaivalleycert.org
Sent: Tue, 21 Jun 11 02:40:29 -0400

Under Image Processing:

Tiki detected: GD bundled (2.0.34 compatible).

Success Tiki can create images.

Tiki uses the GD library to process images for the Image Gallery and CAPTCHA support.

Database Info:

-Entered MySql Classic vs MySqli (i for improved)
-HostName = LocalHost (entered by default)
-Database Name
-Database username and password
-Left default check on Always force connection to use UTF-8 — I remember cross-checking when I was doing phpAdmin during database creation

Database is not localhost
This is not uncommon. When you are in tiki-install.php, make sure to replace localhost with the value provided by 1and1.
I found this in my phpAdmin notes under: Host Name

Wahoo!!! A new install will populate the database….

Your database has been configured and Tiki is ready to run!

This was well worth sticking with — I definitely need to understand more HTML and PHP.

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