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This is a useful reference for tags — W3 reference for tags

20150529 Summary so far:
All HTML elements can have attributes
The HTML title attribute provides additional “tool-tip” information
The HTML href attribute provides address information for links
The HTML width and height attributes provide size information for images
The HTML alt attribute provides text for screen readers
At W3Schools we always use lowercase HTML attribute names
At W3Schools we always quote attributes with double quotes

20150529 How you embed a weblink to go to a site:
This is a link

20150529 Make sure when adding attributes within elements that the beginning and ending are correct:

W3Schools is a web developer’s site.
It provides tutorials and references covering
many aspects of web programming,
including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL, PHP, ASP, etc.

End result is that when you hover over, you get “About W3Schools” and the rest is displayed as text.

20150529 African Dwarf Frog picture. Need to work on the sizing and layout, but the lesson learned was in how to manage the image directories and reference correctly within HTML document — My African Dwarf Frog

The image size is specified in pixels: width=”104″ means 104 screen pixels wide.

20150528 Here is my first work of art HTML file that I uploaded:
My First HTML file

20150528 Lesson learned – filenames are case sensitive and ideally no spaces in the filename
20150528 Working with this web-site to learn HTML ( and using the installed app Notepad++ on Windows Laptop.

I found that I can upload to the my web-site ( within Notepad++ vs having to deal with something like FileZilla. XREF to:

Wow! Where to begin… Lots of things in the pipeline since the last blog post.

Came up with an idea – “Learn HTML”, which spawned a plethora of related ideas and projects that ultimately support that outcome.

Desired Outcome: HTML/XHTML 4.x mastered (precursor before tackling HTML 5.x)
Supporting Tools: GTD; Making it all work; Back of Napkin; Head First HTML; Ubuntu Netbook 12.10 LTS; dev site; Seamonkey; Firefox Browser and add-ons; videos; Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet; WordPress; DocuWiki.

As you can see – a basic idea associatively dragged everything into the pit. Fun stuff.

A part of this blog will demonstrate a progressive outcome of various developments during this Project — “HTML/XHTML 4.x mastered”

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