Ahh… the wonderful world of the web, where you have a random thought like — “I wonder if there is a way of somehow keeping track of all the web-based projects I have (web-site; blog; forums; wikis; surveys, etc…) and be able to manage my relative knowledge and learning of all that.

I went to the site and searched how WordPress manages the open source development.

Looks like they use Trac, which is described as — Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

I suppose I am a Software Developer of sorts…

I went to this site for info and downloads —

Looks like there is a formatting tool within Trac that talks to your wiki (in my case,

Note: This could get interesting, as I believe that my (1and1 unlimited) account is a better platform for installing Trac. I think I have SSH access on that account for lower-level work. I found this web-site which appears to have been successful in this —

Note: I’m going to go slowly with this Trac project, as it could end up being a time-suck. Looks like there is a lot to learn in just getting a web-based project management tool up and running. Here is Trac’s installation guide —

I think first step is to contact 1and1 directly and ask them if they have the minimum requirements within their infrastructure for this.

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