Wiki creation (MediaWiki) thoughts so far…

Well, it was really easy to create the SQL Database, upload the MediaWiki Software, and configure everything.

Now I have my wiki at

What’s interesting is that the more I ask myself basic questions like, “How do I enter data and structure it?”, the more I realize that there is something else I now need to learn – HTML coding, etc.

Definitely appears to be successful because of the stripped down text form of data, vs heavy graphic downloads, which affect latency.

The lazy part of me is wishing for some user interface that does some of the formatting work for me, but… it’s also a great opportunity to learn some things — HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

My plan is to just continue battling through the natural resistance to learning something new/odd — I’m sure it will all work out and make sense in hindsight.


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