Troubleshooting – HCL Notes 10.0.1. Fixpack 5 on osMojave

Environment before issue
HCL Notes 10.0.1. FP4 (64-bit Mac)
No Java installation (ie JRE)
Appeared stable

Updated to Fixpack 5

-NSD crash and basically unstable

Documentation from HCL:
-System requirements for Fixpack 5

Q: Is osMojave OK?

Q: Do I need any form of Java for HCL Notes 10.0.1. FP5 on osMojave?

Troubleshooting Areas of Focus:
-Reverting to Fixpack 4
Q: Is this a legit method to just re-run FP4?
Note: Was able to get in once with now issue

-Removing McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac
terminal command
Note: I’ve heard various reports of instability with McAfee and osCatalina. I have osMojave, but wanted to remove the app for troubleshooting

-Backing up and then copying Expeditor folder
This allowed Notes to load fine for the first time

-Two Notes icons in Dock
Q: What is this about – Eclipse?

-nsd_Darwin file (after NSD process)
Q: Why is my Username only PaulGart
Q: Where is it pulling the username from?
Note: Message about not finding this username in system

-Reference slides from IBM on installing/troubleshooting Notes on Mac —

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