Resolved – Uploading media (jpeg files) – error

My goal was to upload a JPEG file to make it the image on my homepage.
Received this error when attempting that: Unable to create directory uploads/2020/08. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

-For my domain name, confirmed the webspace folder name
-Within the webspace folder, under /wp-content/uploads I’m seeing various folders (with the year). In this years folder it’s only going up to June, and this is a August.
-Each folder has security of 705
-Within Settings, Media, Uploading Files, Store uploads in the folder: /homepages/31/d247466593/htdocs/paulgarth/wp-content/uploads
-Note: Maybe this is not entered correctly. Will cross-ref against another website.
-Checked against another website I have where I had successfully uploaded a JPEG file. Within the media settings it has: Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders (check mark next to it)
Note: Website that was working is WordPress 5.5, and the website I’m having issues with is WordPress 5.4.2
-Upgraded site I’m working on to 5.5 – no difference
-Folder was: /homepages/31/d247466593/htdocs/paulgarth/wp-content/uploads
-Changed to: wp-content/uploads
-Note: Got this message: Document upload directory changed, but existing uploads may need to be moved to the new folder to ensure they remain accessible.
-Note: That worked!!
-Made the JPEG file my Home Page header; cropped; done
-Troubleshooting marked completed and now resolved

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