WordPress menus; Blog; Calendar Plug-in

Was working on making http://ojaivalleycert.org decent so I could replace my blogspot site.

Was monkeying for quite a while with menus. I ended up finding out that when you create pages, it automatically creates the menu. It’s also easy to create sub-menus. Figured out how to put the menus in order by updating the “order” field. So… didn’t have to play with WordPress Appearances, Menus — maybe this is for more advanced stuff.

I wanted to have the blog portion within a page, so I updated the default so that I had a default page and was placing the blog portion within another page. Unfortunately, I then realized that any plug-ins (blogroll, calendar, etc) don’t show up because I’m changing the default home page. Ended up switching back to default so the plug-ins worked. I’m still using another page for the blog, but I’m going to create draft posts and then use the permalinks so people can click on the link — that way, I still have something like a blogpost, but it doesn’t clutter the home-page.

Was able to configure the Google Calendar plug-in real easy, which is good. Also added a basic web-counter.

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