XCTC – Day Five (Mon)

Today’s focus was assisting soldiers calibrate their laser to sights on their weapons. Great opportunity to engage, be procedural, and specifically accurate in my work.

One thing I noticed — and it’s not really scientific, but…

The female soldiers all had one thing in common – uncanny ability to maintain a point on target with their weapons. My other team-mates also reported the same phenomena. I even briefly spoke with a male soldier, who immediately affirmed that it’s true – female soldiers are really good at marksmanship. He even added some nuance that male soldiers often manhandle the weapons, and female soldiers have more thought and finesse. I’m not saying either gender is technically better, but it was an interesting observation.

Shifting my focus for a moment to women in aviation. I’ve been researching the 7% plateau of women in the commercial cockpit that has been happening for years. If it’s apparently true that females have an enhanced engagement at precision equipment, then there is definitely a call to have more females in an airliner cockpit.

Interesting how work within a somewhat routine military XCTC program is highlighting an awareness that supports my primary focus right now — improving the stats of women in the airline cockpit.

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