XCTC – Day Six (Tues)

Getting pretty good at calibrating the SAT laser on weapons (eg M4) for National Guard soldiers for XCTC.

Was also mounting the MILES harnesses as a TESS Tech on soldiers, which including strapping stuff down and using zip-ties, etc. Best strategy is to be forthright and not concerned about tugging on them or asking them to accommodate locations of stuff – they are all very professional and great to work with.

In a couple days we transition to being outdoor support for the troops. There is an iPhone app that assists with such projects — MGRS&UTM. I’m also looking at TacticalNav,which may be a little bit of money (totaling $16) to get the app and also the offline mode (without need for cell service) for 1 month – probably will do that, as it was designed by an Army guy.

Took a look at the visual system they have, which is done in RedHat Enterprise. Looks pretty cool, and a good source of intel.

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