XCTC – Day Nine (Fri)

Pretty busy day today. Went to the BSB location and worked with soldiers and vehicles to swap out FREDI batteries. Some batteries are tight, but it’s coming along now.

Freakin’ fell of a large truck — didn’t realize how big the tires are. Tomorrow, I’m bringing my 3 step wooden ladder.

Started using Tactical Nav app, including the offline mapping mode — which required a 1 month subscription. Definitely paid off, because I had the detail I needed, could see the live navigation by truck, and was able to enter a specific waypoint for an entrance to a site that required a secure entrance.

Need to apply suntan lotion at home before I head out. Slight sunburn, but OK.

Need my own tools (snips). Will create a small go-bag for myself – snips, zip-ties, small batteries, place for used and new FREDI batteries — probably will all fit fine in my little hip-bag that I had used for geocaching.

End of day was cool as we saw the Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters doing aerial maneuevers. We went over to say hello, and the pilot was cool – explained everything to us; got to sit in the cockpit; he explained the fuel system and various other systems. He is, aside from National Guard, a Private Pilot ASEL – like me.

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