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Troubleshooting – HCL Notes 10.0.1. Fixpack 5 on osMojave

Environment before issue osMojave HCL Notes 10.0.1. FP4 (64-bit Mac) No Java installation (ie JRE) Appeared stable Issue Updated to Fixpack 5 Symptoms -NSD crash and basically unstable Documentation from HCL: -System requirements for Fixpack 5 Q: Is osMojave OK? … Continue reading

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Firewalls understanding a variety within a computer system

Desired Outcome Understanding the variety of firewalls within a typical microcomputer system External Physical Firewall Operating System Firewall Endpoint Security Firewall

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Uninstall Sophos Anti-virus software on Mac

Desired Outcome Remove Sophos Anti-Virus software from Mac. I got this software free from USC. Now I need to have McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac installed (for work), so I need to uninstall Sophos. I had version 9.9.7. installed of … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting – McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac – Agent upgrade

Issue that occurred After an in-place OS Upgrade from Sierra to Catalina, the Mac started crashing with errors pointing to McAfee Anti-Virus. Issue was the the version of McAfee was too old for the Operating System. There was also new … Continue reading

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